What's Peter Moore been up to?

Go check it out.

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cloud3603875d ago

he was making EA games on 360 better than ps3 on purpose

Wozzer3875d ago

There's obviously an inside job going on; Peter Moore is being paid by Microsoft to cripple EA games for the PS3, just look at the Skate demo for example; EA said they gave it to Sony over three weeks ago "its nothing to do with us" but on the official Sony blog one of the bloggers said that EA handed it in last week! - EA are lying scum.

BloodySinner3875d ago

You have no idea how funny your conspiracy theory is. Thanks for the laugh, dude! :-D

jay33875d ago

I like Peter Moore.

He's awesome.


And yes, that conspiracy theory was hilarious.

Leg-End3875d ago

he has been geekin' it out on his 360 and, like all of ea, NOT working.

i rule3875d ago

im just waiting for the madden 360 exclusive deal.

aaquib23875d ago

One sec he's kissing 360's ass and saying he knows it'll come out #1, now he saying he doesn't know which console will come first? He's worst then Sony's Peter Dille.

jay33875d ago

Hmm. Maybe 'cause he was working for Microsoft?

He's not going to be trying to pro Microsoft and go "Yeah, PS3 rules" now is he?

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The story is too old to be commented.