Yoshida: Final Fantasy XIV Online Team Working To 'Regain Trust'

Naoki Yoshida, newly-appointed director and producer of troubled MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online has said that the key for the new team is "regaining customer trust" through UI fixes, better tutorials and clear in-game terminology.

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DA_SHREDDER2811d ago

You cant regain what isn't there anymore. Im sorry but Squarenix is not Enix, and sure as heck isn't Square Soft. The devs that used to make great games aren't even working for you guys anymore. And I highly doubt a bunch of amatuer 18 year old jap devs can re-create what used to be considered the best rpg's ever created.

cemelc2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Well said.

One of the worst MMO of all times.

Square you better start making a new MMO cos DCO is a great mmo and i dont see any form of incentive from you guys to leave that place

DualConsoleOwner2810d ago

a lot of old devs are not as good and they are taking up space.

while new talent cant get any influence. at least that is how it goes in general Japanese game dev.

maniacmayhem2810d ago

agree with DualConsoleOwner

Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. this goes back to eastern developers trying to catch up to western devs.

And before people start jumping on me with disagrees, my statement is not reflected on ALL japanese developers.

evrfighter2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I reinstalled ff14 two days ago and played it for not even 5 minutes.

They need some major performance fixes. wait no not even that. They need to just kill off this game and cut their losses. Improve/tweak/optimize the engine they have and go back to storyboards.

They need to focus on content this time around. The problem with ff14 is that it feels like a free2play. It feels nowhere near like I'm playing a final fantasy game.

I feel bad for the people who are looking forward to Versus =\

rockleex2810d ago

Shredder was half right. Yes all the talented developers left.

But like DualConsole corrected you, in Japan, seniority rules. Even when you don't do jacksh*t. You keep getting raises and more management control the longer you stay even if you did nothing of importance your whole time there.

So all the talent left, then the non-talented seniors are now on top controlling how everything goes.

Explains why FFXIII was so full of crap.

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Kamikaze1352810d ago

I really hate to agree with you, but I do. I was looking forward to XIV...even bought the collector's edition when it came out. I was in denial for like two months, but then realize that the game just wasn't worth it.

There's nothing to do, it's poorly optimized, and the population is dropping faster than anybody would have guessed.

lucifon2810d ago

Sadly the damage is already done. No progression has been made in 7 years, infact it's a step backwards in many regards to FF11. The only area which progressed were the visuals.

Expect the payment model of FFXIV to change in 2011

NegativeCreepWA2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

They would of been better off re-releasing XI with graphics of XIV, I would of reactivated my XI account in a heartbeat.

TheObserver2810d ago

Yeah, I would too if FFXI have a graphics make over. Besides, why the hell is FFXI have more features and content than FFXIV. I am still disappointed at the fact that you can't fight while riding a chocobo all these years though.

Blasphemy2810d ago

@ lucifon

They don't charge for the game.

lucifon2810d ago

Thats because they can't with the state it's currently in! Says alot about the quality of the game when even the company creating it know they can't be charging a subscription fee for it.

I'll be very surprised if they don't adopt a F2P model of some sorts.

Ares84PS32810d ago

I think to regain trust the first thing S.E. needs to do is when they say that a game will be exclusive to a certain console, keep it that way and don't lie to costumers.

I'm all fo bringing games to as many people as possible but in the process don't dumb down one version of a game to make it equal to the other consols version. (Looking at you FFXIII)

dalibor2810d ago

Just give what the gamers what they want if anything. But really just make a game enjoyable when it's all said and done, the most important thing of all. And releasing some old FF games in HD wouldn't hurt either.

Spenok2810d ago

Simple, but well said.

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