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Rainstorm812897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

ill be second downloading now.

Where is it? im on the android market and its no where to be found.

kharma452897d ago

If you can't get it this link is for the QR code

kharma452897d ago

Also, here is the apk for the app on Android if anyone wants it

thematrix12982897d ago

Could someone upload the .ipa for iPhone?

Scary692896d ago

It's not in the Android store YET.

EeJLP-2896d ago

I'd be most interested in seeing my PSN friends list online/offline status and be able to send PSN messages.

Bobby Kotex2896d ago

Just checked my iPhone, it's not up.

ExplosionSauce2896d ago

It's only available in Europe so far.

Best2896d ago

Are you guys dumb or what?

READ THE ARTICLE! IT CLEARLY SAYS, "The first version (1.0) is available in the following countries: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands."

Clearly if you can not find it you are not in those countries.

DeFFeR2896d ago

Interesting... all I'm getting is a "Item not available to download" after using QR.

The article does say where it's available, and the US isn't included... oh well.

Rainstorm812896d ago

And people say that the UK gets screwed by sony.....SMH

bujasem_892896d ago

@kharma45 Bubs for being super helpful and giving us the app.. it works ;D

Kurt Russell2896d ago

Downloaded it and seems a bit crap, nothing really exciting or useful on it. It looks very nice though...

ForNgoods2896d ago

Thanks kharma45, I can confirm that this works in the US if you download it from the link kharma45 provided.

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LoVeRSaMa2897d ago


Hopefully Version 1.2 has Chat.

(as Version 1.1 is just a language update apparently)

Though they did say they were looking into lots of options for this app, so heres hoping..

crxss2896d ago

someone upload the IPA for those in the US please!

Kleptic2896d ago

yeah i'm sure lots of options are coming...

I don't have a smart phone, just have a sony ericsson Aino...which is the only phone to have PS3 remote will do everything remotely that a psp can do, except play I can stream in all the video and music on my ps3 hard drive, set up ps store content for download to the PS3, send/receive messages from my psn account...etc...there is chat functionality, but that pretty much only works over wifi, not fact most of this stuff is only worthwhile if its over wifi...3G speeds are so all over the place in the US its barely worth it...

so i'm sure these kinds of things are easily possible on the more powerful smart phones, it will just take a few updates...

garos822897d ago

looking good so far.
nothing special yet but sony have said they will constantly add features as time goes by. a neat little app that keeps me up to date with all things playstation cant be bad!

r1sh122897d ago

seems pretty good so far, although its got limited usage.
They should make it like xbox - where I can remotely purchase DLC etc...
That would be good for PSN

r1sh122897d ago

Its quite fast, but we should be allowed to purchase things via this app.

Unlike other apps, it actually closes when you exit!!!
Thats the best feature lol.
I also cant send messages to friends, hopefully more functionality is added!
Good start though, I wonder if MS will respond? (Even with windows phones).
I could do all my messaging on both consoles from my android. I hope MS do it, but the PS version is pretty cool.

otherZinc2897d ago

Ok, what does it do?

Can you send message?

Is this a me to answer to M$'s Windows Mobile 7 360 Live app on its phone? Will it work like that or is this PS3 app useless?

Anyone have a list of features?

Sev2897d ago

Can someone get the .apk file off their phone and put it on megaupload? That way anyone outside of the UK can download it.

kharma452897d ago

Here it is, posted it a few comments above too

Shani2896d ago

Thanks Kharma for the app. Helpful Bubble+

Installed in Liquid E. Works fine with froyo.
Also I m in canada. so you can use this app outside Europe.

BkaY2897d ago

Aussies screwed yet again.... why i am not surprise

fuking bullshit

BigO2896d ago


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Ryudo2897d ago

It's an app that grants you 3 wishes then transforms into a jet and fly's you to your own private island.

Mcardle2897d ago

Awesome. I'm off to South America.

jwk942896d ago

Off to england so i can download the app

Undeadwolfy2896d ago

@jwk94, but to fly to England to get the app, you need the app... so you already have it...

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jim2wheels2897d ago

Just looked on the app store, can't see it anywhere yet.

Dannehkins2897d ago

Hey Jim,

Here's a quote from MusterBuster, "Hey guys,

Just to confirm, the app should be available on the Apple Store and Android later today (if not already!)

Let us know what you think of it!


Possibility it might not of found its way onto the store yet. Hope this helps. :D

jim2wheels2897d ago

Much obliged Dannehkins :)

I will be checking the app store perpetually until it arrives.

Since itrophies stopped working a while ago, this app has been very much on my radar.

Thanks again!

Venatus-Deus2897d ago

Search under "Playstation app" and it will be second on the list.

wotta2897d ago

Hi mate, added a link in the story. :)

Dannehkins2897d ago

Smashing! Looks pretty good and I have some ideas floating around in my head on what to include in future upgrades of the app.

For instance, messaging people from our phones. Nevertheless, can't wait to try this app out.

Ares84PS32897d ago

Just checked the app store on my iPhone 4, it's not on there.