Army of Two video interview & fresh new gameplay footage

Co-op gameplay on steroïds! That's Army of Two if you ask Xboxkings!

You all saw some gameplay already and heard about the co-op... But not as much as in this developer interview, also showing of some fresh new gameplay in between and behind the developer from Gametrailers. Developed by EA Montreal it looks EA is building this franchise up from scratch.

After EA's Skate, that is real competition for TH: Proving Ground, it seems they're on the right way with this new franchise also.

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perseus3839d ago

But I don't understand why they consider team play something new in the FPS world. The PC version of BF2 is a perfect example of teamwork kicking consistent ass. If you had a squad acting together, they would destroy everyone who came up against them (unless the enemies were also working together in a squad).

The only difference is that in Army of 2 you are forced to team up and in BF2 you were free to do what you liked.

How is this "completely new"?

BLUR1113839d ago

mygod this game will rule , the online play will be awesome

Lyberator3839d ago

Have they said whether or not this has any kind of multiplayer. Like team deathmatch or capture the flag or something? I could see 2 v 2 deathmatches being cool here.


This game is going to be lots of fun w/a buddy, A lot of decent games coming out within the next few months.

Bullseye3839d ago

Other than two player coop, looks pretty 'more of the same' to me.Probably tacked on storyline and constant action ,but with no real purpose.Of course,could be wrong. As usual,we'll have to wait until release.

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