Nintendo 3DS region locked confirmed by Nintendo Japan

Nintendo Japan's support confirms that the Nintendo 3DS will have the same region locking system the current Nintendo DSi and DSi XL's have.

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Baka-akaB2891d ago

Great job nintendo .

You've given as usual , the very first excuse to others to crack you console .

I dont buy any games in EU (except football sometimes) , so i'll be sure to pick an us or even japanese 3ds .. while waiting for a way to remove region lock .

Moac2891d ago

This just gives even more motivation for hackers to make customFW or by other options to remove region coding...

Redempteur2890d ago

That's REALLLy a shame because i know the game i want aren't release in time in my countries ( or at all )..

i won't give up on importing ...

Mahr2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Can't say I'm surprised. Nintendo is nothing if not consistent.

Let's hope that consistency applies to the ease with which the region locks can be bypassed.

Optical_Matrix2889d ago

So I guess Pokemon White will be the last ever Pokemon game I'm able to import -_-