Top 5 Best Launch Games for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is a new nintendo handheld which is deemed to be one of the most innovating and revolutionary consoles of all time.
Introducing full "glasses-free" autostereoscopic 3D, an analog stick, a tactile screen, online functionality and of course lots of quality Nintendo and third-party games, the future of the Nintendo 3DS looks very bright indeed!

Lets see which are the Top 5 Best Launch Games for the Nintendo 3DS!

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remanutd552891d ago

online functionality ? not like the Wii right ? hows gonna work the 3DS online functionality ? im impatiently waiting for sony to announce the psp 2 and its launch line up but with metal gear solid being part of the 3DS launch line up and now this online functionality im getting interested in it

remanutd552890d ago

ohhh ok , well i dont really like the Wii online functionality at all , hope its not like that

Samus HD2890d ago

I hope so too
but i think years have past and they know now what's right - i think

Brian52472891d ago

Pretty weak lineup aside from Mario Kart 3DS...that game will likely be the console's showpiece, and it's best seller, for a long time.

Foliage2891d ago

Been there, done that.

How much longer can Nintendo release the same carbon copy games?


AWBrawler2891d ago

Funny I could have sworn I haven't played Kid Icarus and almost 20 years

offdawall2891d ago

not interested in 3ds or its horrible n64 graphics ... i'll wait for psp2

hoyvechkin2891d ago

Pretty misleading article, one of the five is a launch title.

The Tingler2891d ago

Yep, I thought so too. Mario Kart's barely been announced.

Honky Kong2891d ago

this was written by a kid after school.... street fighter is the only launch game in the list..........

AWBrawler2891d ago

If Kid Icarus isn't a launch title I'll be pissed as heck and will probably hold off on buying the 3DS