Super Paper Mario: CVG Review scores 8.8/10

88 points means a brilliant game, and Super Paper Mario is exactly that - brilliant. It's shaped around a remarkable idea that CVG can barely believe no one's thought of before. 2D worlds that aren't actually 2D. With a press of the A Button, the camera swings round for a side-on 3D view - revealing all the platforms and staircases and enemies as the cardboard-thin bits of stand-up scenery they really are, and letting you run behind, around and under things that were previously hidden or in the way.

The first 'wow' moment is a seemingly miles-away 2D background of rolling hills suddenly being exposed as a hump-backed 3D bridge across the back of the level - but there are 100 moments like this to give you the same stomach-lurch you get when you spot the dalmatian in the seemingly random pattern of dots.

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monkey6023742d ago

I was hoping to get this game shortly after launch (around March/April)
and it's not in Europe yet. I want to know why Sony gets so much crap about delaying games when in my experience Nintendo are far worse.
Trauma Center was a launch title everywhere but Europe and it made it's first apearrance here about 2 weeks ago.