Arizona shooter "was a videogame nut" say classmates

Jared Lee Loughner, the gunman behind the Arizona shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has been described as "a videogame nut" by classmates at Pima Community College.

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Rainstorm812866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

So did Charles Manson, Ted bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Zodiac killer, son of sam, etc..... did they all play videogames??

NO!!! Crazy been on this planet long before Pong, Mario, Kratos, Master Chief, or COD.....Blame the person..

There are nothing but a bunch of dumb f**ks in the media..... SMH

Hellsvacancy2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I read that Hitler was addicted to crossword puzzles, there games

IRetrouk, im living PROOF that smokin weed and playin games is cool, ive never murdered any-1, well not yet anyway, now, watchin normal tv and smokin weed on the other hand will probably turn u into a homicidal maniac

KingPin2864d ago

WOW, the media needs to take their heads out their asses.

i am successful in my life. heck, i was a straight A student and i played games when i was in school. i still play games and im quite well off <not to brag, just making a point>

so millions of us gamers are not crazy but the 0.0000001% that is get to define an entire community.

Kalipekona2864d ago

People always want to find something external to blame, when in reality sometimes there is nothing to blame. I mean, it's not even necessarily his parents fault. He might simply have something wrong with his brain that makes him have a tenuous grasp of reality, which when combined with paranoia, anger and fear eventually led him to commit these heinous acts.

We obviously cannot have people like that running free in society. It's like a mad dog -- all you can do is either lock them up or put them down.

HammockGames2864d ago

"Nut" being the operative word. No mentally healthy person does something like this. Let's just ignore the fact that this guy is a whack job. /s

The "videogame" descriptor is just to pin the blame on a convenient scapegoat.

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Keith Olbermann2866d ago

Here we go...yep video games..not games. Cant stop the government bashing so might as well pick a weaker opponent.

MariaHelFutura2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I blame Butterflies.

tdogg060519912864d ago

Cause he loves scotch, scotchy scotch scotch.

iceman062864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Rosie O'Donnell wears underwear with the dickhole in it!!! Sorry...Dave Chappelle flashback!!!

SixZeroFour2864d ago

i blame the food...i mean using the knife to cut meat?! it was only a matter of time, before his thirst for murder grew bigger

UnSelf2864d ago

i heard he got the idea to cut his steak from Kratos' brutal murders

SixZeroFour2864d ago

no way...learning to eat comes way before learning to play videogames

Ryudo2864d ago


Am sorry it has nothing to with video games, if your really looking for someone to blame look towards the American government.

It's been proven time and time again, there needs to be much more control on gun laws in America.

All they did after this tragedy was ban the sale of high capacity magazines for handguns. So now the next time someone decides to go on a shootout he needs to reload....

Kalipekona2864d ago

You blaming it on the gun is not much different than people blaming it on video games. In both cases the reasoning is faulty. The guy is responsible for his actions, period. He was obviously insane (you have to be insane to kill a bunch of innocent people). The tragedy was not caused by anything other than the insane thoughts of this individual.

madjedi2864d ago

@Ryudo You do know the second amendment the right to bear arms, okay dumbass what if the next wacko kills his victims with a knife. Do you want to have big brother ban all cutlery, so no one can die from knife wounds.

Short of a nut job running around with a rocket launcher or a mini gun, i don't see the need to have stricter gun control laws. Raise better humans is the correct answer.

I love the stupidity of some anti gun nuts, a gun is an inanimate object the person does the killing not the weapon people. Show me proof of a gun killing a person, that wasn't attributed to intent or stupid human error, thx.

I think the only thing thats been proven time and time again is mentally disturbed or untrained/uneducated with access to firearms is a bad idea.

Ryudo2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )


Difference is it's alot harder to go on a killing spree with a knife retard.

And for the record I live in Britain and funny thing is things like this don't happen where I live.

So that brings me to the conclusion, A Americans are thick in general and can't be trusted with firey pointy or any type of blunt object. Or B there's some serious issues with American gun law.

As am a little more hopeful about humanity then some am hoping the answer is B.

DuneBuggy2864d ago

With the right crowd around,he could have taken out more people with a car.Perhaps we should ban those too?
A (small) percentage of people are just tweaked beyond help, and no little laws or bans will stop them if they are resourceful/determined enough.

shiner2864d ago

Keep in mind you also live on an island.

The USs southern border is WIDE open. Billions of $ in drugs and guns come across the borders every year and a gun ban will do nothing except take the guns out of the hands of the law abiders.

Completely different scenario.

Ryudo2864d ago


It's not about that, like when the moron above brought up the knife comment.

99 percent of knifes are meant to be used as tools, for cooking preparing or even crafting.

Cars are used for transport or leisure.

Guns only have 2 purposes, self defense and death. And why one is completely just the other only promotes it's primal use.

shiner2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

"Guns only have 2 purposes, self defense and death. And why one is completely just the other only promotes it's primal use."

This is true, however where I live guns are considered a tool as well. Up here in the north we take our hunting pretty seriously and the thousands of $ we spend on our rifles and shotguns prove that, and the vast majority of these guns will never be used to commit a crime.

DuneBuggy is right, a car would've done the same or possibly even more damage had he chose to use one. Gun or not, he wanted to kill people that day.

Don't let his method overshadow his crime.

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WhiteNoise2864d ago

Some sociopaths like playing chess for intellectual stimulation...I guess we better ban chess because chess=psychotic behaviour also /s

ryanelittlefield2864d ago

Don't say that, the government is on a daily hunt for things to ban! You're just helping.

g-nome2864d ago

I blame sick people with guns.

littletad2864d ago

There is no medical study that shows a significant correlation that video games cause random acts of violence. If there is, prove it by links and I'll correct my words. The point is, video games are nothing more than a scapegoat, something that some people need to blame in order to heal. Even if that means damaging and attacking a community they really know nothing about.

ChristianGamer2864d ago

He also liked pizzas. Why don't we write about that too?

DeadlyFire2864d ago

When you are very depressed and start hating the world. Its very easy for anything game, movie, book, or just words from a friend to inspire you to do some type of desperate act of hatred or cry for attention in a very alarming manner.

You can't blame a video game, book, or movie for being depressed and hating people or creating the violence you cause. Something clearly put you in that state of mind before you decided to shut yourself off to the public world.

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IRetrouk2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

he also smooked weed and was a loner acording to friends, if hes a loner how the fcuk did he have friends? also playing games and smooking weed does not make you a killer,been doing both for years, there was obviously already something not right in his head.

SMW2866d ago

Ive never seen a stoned gamer who was interested in shooting people in real life.

Normally it's all about where you hid the timtams and how cool flower is. No like, its really, really..... cool.

Shogun Master2864d ago

I been doing both for years too. This dude was just CRAZY.

starcb262864d ago

Weed turns you into a pacifist!

Hands Up For Games2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Dont tell me, he never EVER watched a violent movie or TV programme in his life!?

We gamers are such an easy target for the mainstream press.

IRetrouk2866d ago

yeah i agree its stupid that they keep pointing to the games, its actually laughable.

RememberThe3572864d ago

I know, he was such a huge Wii Sports fan. I don't get what this has to do with the shooting though?

Jokes aside, he was a sick f*ck. I don't say this often but I hope they fry his ass.

hennessey862866d ago

ive been playing violent video games all my life and not once have i had the urge to go and shoot up a supermarket. this guy was just crazy.

starcb262864d ago

I've been playing violent games since I was three and never really done anything really violent.

SMW2866d ago

The guy was a useless cunt, emphasis on the cunt.

Drag him behind a truck. Real slow like.

And who ever tried to further their anti-gaming crusade should get a swift kick in the teeth for trivialise such a tragedy.

IRetrouk2866d ago

lol at all above, all very true, proof positive that the fella was just a dog that needed put down, bubs for all.