Dead Space 2 reviews look impressive

M2G Writes:

The UK and versions of the Official Xbox Magazine, along with the Official PlayStation Magazine have all revealed their respective review scores for Dead Space 2, and its looking pretty good for Visceral’s horror/shooter.

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slinky1234562894d ago

its almost here... i want it so baaaaaaaaddd

Quagmire2894d ago

Ive already bought 12 pairs of pants, one for each chapter I shit my pants in!

-MD-2894d ago

That's what she said.

ps3bestever2894d ago

Dead Space 2 is a good game in the thrilling genre, but horror, NO it isnt

punkpop1012894d ago

Thrilling?Thrillers have suspunse and fear through murders and shit.This game extra terestial alienoid things hunting you.Who's that not horror?

kramun2894d ago

It's much closer to horror than thriller. Well it's actually sci-fi horror, but who cares because it's still going to be awesome no matter what genre you wish to call it.

bageara2894d ago

Its got blood and guts, limbs flying everywhere, decapitation etc. how the hell is that not horror!?

redsquad2894d ago

Disturbing imagery, excessive gore, body horror... I'd say it qualifies for the genre.

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TerrorCell2894d ago

This game will be worth the wait.

kramun2894d ago

Just a couple more weeks to go now, but I'd prefer it to come out tomorrow :(

Dr-Zoidberg2894d ago

My fav IP this gen but I don't think it needs MP but who knows it may pay off like UC2 but it is risky business with adding on MP.

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