Rumour: Sony to sell facility for making game console chips to Toshiba

informed sources said Saturday that Sony Corp is in talks with Toshiba Corp to sell it a facility for producing chips for use in game consoles as early as next spring for nearly 100 billion yen. Sony will concentrate its investment on producing chips for video and digital cameras by effectively withdrawing from output of semiconductors for game consoles, as the development and production of chips involve huge costs, the sources said.

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Lord Anubis3874d ago

its interesting, because sony got out of the chip making altogether a few years back. Sony and Toshiba have factories together. One of them is the fab in Japan where sony produces Cell exclusively for PS3. Although the contract perhaps already ended or will end soon and will allow for toshiba to produce CELL chips along with sony. Toshiba will use CELL for their products so I wonder what factory sony would sell if they can.

There's currently IBM producing CELL unless IBM sells them CELL far cheaper than they can produce them I don't see sony selling the billion dollar Japaneses fab.

nasim3874d ago

The article projected that SONY would be interested in a joint venture to decrease the PP of the CELL

Zhuk3874d ago

it must be too expensive to run the fab, though considering how important the cell is for the future of the PS3 (and in turn their whole company if it fails) they would be crazy to sell it

KeMoBLUE3873d ago

are you retarded???? sony is a HUGE company it doesn't rely on it's gaming division for profits. they have so many divisions that do other things such as sony pictures, sonyBMG, sonystyle (tvs, cameras, etc.)not just playstation that comment makes you look retarded.

Mu5afir3873d ago

Sony also has a bank.. '_'

Chris3993874d ago

Preferring to outsource for CELL production. This was announced AGES ago as part of their initial cost-reduction/ PS3 plan. Let's not try to spin this into "SPHONY IS TEH DOOM3D" standard fare.


jXales3874d ago

as the post above me states. This isn't a bad thing.

Sony doesn't need to produce CELL to use them, there are other companies that will be producing CELL soon too and SONY most likely has some sort of contract to be the only games console to use this technology. Next gen consoles such as the PS4 would most likely use the same engineering as CELL however with far more spu's etc.

I don't see how this is necessarily bad.

segasage3874d ago

they even started a joint venture with "samsung" to produce their latest lcd tvs, and we all know the samsungs hdtvs have surpassed sony.

now leaving this factory for toshiba, which they are dueling in the format war. ofcourse IBM, Toshiba and Sony slept together under cell technology.

Sony is last in the phone market, and their slr cams stink, they owe madd money in the laptop market with their batteries, lawsuits have not gone to court.

sony's only hope seems to be the ps3. The company is weakening. others are catching up and fast.

Korosuke3874d ago

My thoughts form IR(the statement of accounts or so).
The managers of Sony HQ might regard its subsidiary SCE as one of their heaviest load.