Analyst: $399 PS3 Talk Has Merit

First off, there could be a price slash for the 40GB PS3 down to $399, which happens to same exact price point that the iPhone was dropped to quite recently.

Pachter has explained that, "If the rumors are true, he could not think of a better forum for making such an announcement, given that the event is less than a week before the launch of archrival Microsoft's Halo 3."

If the sub-$400 PlayStation 3 happens, look for Sony's next-gen console to jump past Xbox 360 in the charts immediately.

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babyzeus3742d ago

Sony should stay strong with there prices. yes fans think its too high but its a ps3. yes a lot more people have a 360 but on the back of there mind is a ps3. game developers have a big impact on ps3 sales because they are too lazy or cheap to make a game on the ps3 for its full potential. once companies like ea games stop being lazy and sit down and make a real ps3 game then things will change. Sony might not have big number yet but Sony will always be on top just wait and see....

Maddens Raiders3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

but remember that SNE doesn't need EA. EA used the PS2 to catapult its name to famedom in the 90's til PS3 launch and we now see that business partnerships have a very short lifespan when money greed takes over the mind. Of that list of so-called Sony exclusives that they could have "kept" there's nothing that we didn't already know, nor is overly damaging to the PlayStation fanbase. MGS4, KILLZONEII, FF XIII, GT V, to name a few, are MONSTROUS titles that the world wants to play. Yes, Halo3 is a good title and will sell to the MS fanbase, but is surely the one true "darling" of the upcoming and future MS titles as compared to the stable of PlayStation 3 "super cars" for 2008 & beyond. Let's not forget God of War 3 which is a bit under the radar right now -- that game will be nothing short than Legendary imo.

To say that developers aren't putting their creative talents to the test with good work ethic already is a bit of a misnomer - Insomniac, Team Ninja, Incognito and Evolution come to mind. So let's forget about EA for now. And remember babyzeus, it's only been....

....9.93 months.

socomnick3742d ago

all of those titles you mention are not even on par with halo combined . God of war might be a little closer though :) Kratos is the man.

cmrbe3742d ago

If Halo is better than MGS, FF and GT combine then how come GT1 alone sold more than halo1 and halo2.Heck GT3 alone sold 11 million. Here is the link. Educate yourself.

Anyways, it would make sense if sony dropped the price to 399 as they will be competitive with x360 this holiday season but after this year.It will be one way traffic for Sony with some minor speed bumps that are Fable, NG2, Splinter cell,PGR4,too human and mass effect to be optimistic for the x360 fans.
A lowered priced PS3 with established franchise releasing soon and early next year will definitely start the mass migration of the 100 million plus PS2 gamers to PS3.

HarryEtTubMan3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

HALO 2 is the 25th best selling game of all time selling 9million. Halo didn't even make top 25. Guess what fills in those 25 spaces?? 3 Gran Turismo games... Metal Gear Solid,many Final Fantasy games, GTA games-sold on Playstation- dur... Microsoft has nothing but a big mouth and 11 million consoles sold...they are destined to lose BADLY at this rate, the name XBOX does not compare to a Playstation... and 2 years of sales shows this... bias aside!

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Spike473742d ago

halo 3 is the 360's biggest game, and lowering the price to 399 will really make some sales for sony but I don't think they will top ms.

still, Sony needs to think about the holidays, they got a great lineup in 08 and december.

if it's between making a price drop on september 5 or the holidays sony should choose the holidays to make the pricr drop, unless they wanna mae two.

I think the ps3 will top the 360 in 08 anyways.

ilovepswii603742d ago

if sony sropped the price to 399 WORLDWIDE then they will see a massive sales boost as in europe the bundle pack is still $850 and the holiday season is coming up. trust me people would be fighting for PS3s

Salvadore3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

If the $399 rumour turns out to be true, MS will defintely be in a position were they will be forced to have another pricedrop.

SofaKingReetodded3742d ago

but how far does MS want to reach into its pockets to keep paying for these price cuts. 1.5 billion here another billion there and before you know it your shareholders revolt and force you out of the console business.

Salvadore3742d ago

I agree with what you're saying, but MS are stubborn. They will do anything to make sure the PS3's sales crumble. We clearly saw this when MS countered PS3's pricedrop and if Sony corners them into a pricedrop, MS will response with one.

gEnKiE3742d ago

wow, this patcher guy has a lot of faith in Sony it seems. I see the 400 dollar price point helping Sony of course but I dont see it helping as much as he thinks with the likes of Halo around the corner. Also though, if the price drop was true and Sony dropped it at TGS, it would be a little before Halo's release which then would make a killing and I guess would work in Sony's hands.

Halo is a big game though......

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