HD DVD Combo Discs - What Went Wrong?

A long-time movie buff and collector of discs from laserdisc to DVD, Joshua Zyber is a veteran disc reviewer, and an enthusiastic supporter of all things High Definition. In his twice-monthly High-Def Digest column, Josh discusses a broad range of topics of interest to other early adopters.

In this article, Josh discusses the burdens of the HD DVD combo discs.

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WilliamRLBaker3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

OK THATS IT SAFARI SUX!I just spent 15 minutes writing that out....and it only posted the first line!!!


Ok heres the jist of it, HD DVD combo discs aren't good because movie buffs aren't liable to use them *which is stupid, a movie buff wants the best and will see the versatility in the combo disc*

Regular users wont buy it cause they wont take advantage of the hd dvd side. * DUH No they will buy the dvd version of the movie, A combo disc is only for someone who plans on purchasing an hd dvd player in the future*

HD DVD users find it a rip off they have to pay extra for extra functions...WOW on average combo discs cost 2-5 dollars more then the blu ray version, And your paying for an dvd side that gives you extra functionality.

Let alone a combo disc is a good trojan horse plan, People will buy it because they think its a good deal, And its a versatile idea.

A dvd side that plays in any dvd drive, and an hddvd side, Portable players will play it, you can take it with you on a trip and if u cant find a hd dvd player your set, And if you can only find an sdtv you wanna use the dvd side because dvd quality looks better on sdtvs then hdtvs, The quality of the encoded video doesn't do good when u downgrade it to just an sdtv view.

The combo format is a great thing and thats a simple fact.

THUNDERMARE3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Its about reliability. I dont have HD-DVD, but the author said that although $2-$5 might sound like a good deal in theory, but some people found the idea of purchasing HD-DVD to watch DVD on the other side ridiculous. But the bigger point is that combo format have some reliability issue, but since I dont have one I dont really care.

However, I have to comment on one thing, if you are a customer who still not decide what format to buy, then you walk up to the HD format shelf and found that some HD-DVD are $5 more expensive than Blu-Ray (and I mean ordinary customers who dont know what exactly HD-DVD or Blu-Ray are.) counterpart, how would you feel about HD-DVD?

Lord Anubis3869d ago

I didn't know HD-DVD combo discs had issues.

blackmagic3869d ago

The combo discs have had some issues but they aren't as widespread as the authour implies them to be. Some Blu-ray discs have had disc-rot issues but similarly, it is not widespread and has also had little effect on the format in general. In both cases, I believe that as long as the publisher is willing to replace the disc with a new copy then it is really not a significant issue and in both cases, that is exactly what is happening.

Pekka3869d ago

I should add one reason why many people don't like combo discs. I know a lot of people who don't like dual-sided DVDs because they are more difficult to handle (to some at least) and more prone to scratches and finger prints. I doubt most people actually care about pictures on other side of disc.

Of course higher price is the biggest reason why most don't like about them, especially because most buyers of HD DVDs don't use them on DVD players.

Bathyj3869d ago

I agree with both points you made.

I hate double sided disks and I'm a person whose very careful even handling cheap old cd's. Finger in the middle, thumb on the edge, never touch the surface. It doesn't matter, one side at least always get dirty and smudged. Its a fact. Its like murphys law or something. Even double sided disk in surgery conditions would get dirty and scratched some how.

And as for the price, yeah I dont want to pay more when I only want the HD version of the movie. If I desparately needed it on DVD I'd just be happy with the HD version for a month and then get it cheap.

I dont have a HDDVD player, this is just my opinion which happens to agree with yours.

BlackCountryBob3869d ago

Relevance to games? This article is about movies, post this on not here!

blackmagic3869d ago

And that's why it is posted in the tech section. I do believe that the industry section is probably a more appropriate place though since the formats do have heavy tie-ins with the 360 and especially the PS3.

stonedog3869d ago

I think that given the competition between the two formats the smart move for the HD-DVD to make would be to provide the dual disc at the same price as the regular DVD as this would truly make it a Trojan horse. If the consumer is on the fence he is not going to buy a disc that gives him DVD functionality as a bonus feature b/c he is paying for a format that is yet to be established. He will buy a DVD that gives him bonus functionality in HD-DVD playability accordingly he should be paying the regular DVD price. If then he has a large collection of DVD which can then also be played on then be played on the HD DVD machine he will have a heavy incentive to purchase same As this will certainly reduce the his sense that he will have to buy his collection all over again. So if you like that is my view of what HD-DVD is doing wrong. It may be expensive for them but so are the incentives paid to the studios.

blackmagic3869d ago

I agree, if they wanted it to truly be a trojan, then it would be at the price of DVD. They wouldn't even need to do it with every release, just the high profile ones. The pricing does suggest that it isn't really targeted as 'trojan'. The ability to play the movie on regular dvd players is a nice option but not really worth the extra cost imo.

One point not mentioned in the article is that it takes a little fear out of the purchase in the sense that if HD-DVD fails the format war, then atleast you can still play the disc in the machines that are on the market. A bit of a safety blanket if you will...

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