NHL 2008 Review

Myarcadeplanet takes a look into the newest EA hockey title.

Positives: Great improvement over last years game, game play has been improved by leaps and bounds, the game is so deep you could drown your cat in it, and the added extras are great.

Negatives: Presentation is plain and unfulfilling and having to go to work rather than playing this game really sucks.

Learning Curve: one hour or so, depending on past experiences with hockey games.

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weazle3901d ago

I agree, NHL 08 is a great game. I am tired of hearing all of this 30fps vs. 60fps stuff....blah, blah, blah. I have it on the PS3 and if it is running at 30fps it still runs perfectly smooth and if someone didn't tell me it was running at 30fps I would never know. Online play also has no lag at all. Great game no matter what platform you buy it on. You are missing out if the 30fps talk is keeping you from picking it up on the PS3.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3901d ago

i agree 100%

my wifes brother has it for 360 and has been over all weekend playing it on ps3, and liked it better on ps3(because of the controller)

30-60 whatever.

NHL08 is the BEST SPORTS game out so far.

kspraydad3901d ago

NHL 2K8...but good to hear that EA is getting better at PS3 implementation..