No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise PS3-Bound in Fall

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, the wait is almost over. That is, of course, if you own a PlayStation 3. The enhaced remake of Travis Touchdown’s first adventure is slated to launch on North American PlayStation 3 console this fall.

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sinncross2891d ago

I hope Konami weren't joking when they said they fixed the loading times.

Probably the only real flaw of the HD version of NMH.

Corrwin2891d ago

This game was dull 2 years ago, I'm not sure a HD update will make it any better.

Amazing boss battles, funky music, with 6-8 hours of tedious padding in between... now in HD.

Redempteur2891d ago

I already own both wii games and will probably take this version too if everything is improved ..

RogueCheddar2888d ago

Wii controls don't make games better, so maybe normal controls will.