Did Midway Manipulate the Stranglehold Demo on PC?

Midway released a demo for Stranglehold on the PC today, which was anticipated by many PC gamers. But was the demo fixed to make it rum smoother than the release version? One of the writers at took a closer look at the demo and found some things in the directory and the .ini file that look somewhat suspicious.

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Rageaholic3840d ago

, Animation sucks, and the mechanics of the game feel like it was made for kids.

Lumbo3840d ago

Whats more sad is, that the author has no clue on unreal.ini's contrary to his claim he has experience with them.

He even claims the "mindesiredframerate" ; switch would "change screen resolution" a claim that is completely BS.

Taken from the UT2004 DEFAULT ini: "MinDesiredFrameRate=35.0 00000"

OMG conspiracy !!!


barom3840d ago

I heard a bunch of people found a fix at the midway forums. but I dont have the demo so didn't bother