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GayGamer writes: When I play a game, one of the first things I pay close attention to is its music. A game is like an interactive hybrid of storybook and movie, telling you a story while letting you into its world. If a game is to entrap you in its plot's conflict and make you feel pathos for its characters, its soundtrack is key. And nothing says climax and conflict like an orchestrated or cleverly arranged soundtrack bearing the natural sounds of musical instruments.

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Masterchef20072896d ago

For Happy gamers? Or for Homosexual gamers? Cause i am kind of afraid to click the link for the site. Dont know whether i will go into a hippy page or the blue oyster.

DelbertGrady2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Afraid of coming to terms with your sexuality?

I'd much rather have a Gaygamer than a Hiphopgamer. At least these guys aren't mentally retarded.

Masterchef20072896d ago

You really dont have a sense of humor do you?

Calm Down Sunshine2896d ago

No mention of the Total War series?

Specifically Rome and Empire, really outstanding soundtracks... In fact I think Empire's won an award for it.

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