Silent Hill: Downpour Announced

Konami announces the title of Silent Hill 8, Silent Hill Downpour and G3 has the scoop.

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Murgatroyd72898d ago

I haven't played a Silent Hill game in years, but I'm kinda looking forward to this.

FrankMcSpank2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

It feels very Silent Hill 2, which I love. Plus Resident Evil has gone down the sh-tter. The next 2 games that have are 3DS games that are basically RE5.1 and RE5.2 I am not knocking the 3DS, I just can't believe Capsom is turning RE5 into a cheezy action series. So I welcome this game. The good old american horror, and the SH fantasy japanese horror is why I loved the series. But I fell away from it so this one may be my return to Silent Hill.

Murgatroyd72897d ago

I'm with you, Frank. This reminds me of SH2, which was easily the best of the series (for me at least). And I totally agree regarding RE. Those games used to be a blast, but they're just not the same anymore. I think RE0 was the last one I actually enjoyed.

TVippy2897d ago

I thought it was all news.

omicron0092897d ago

wow, are they already on the 8th Silent Hill game, I guess i missed a lot of them

UnwanteDreamz2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Well IMO you didn't miss anything after SH3. Silent Hill was one of my favorite PS1 games and 2 and 3 were better than great. Since 3 the series has been 1 letdown after another. I have high hopes as always.

EDIT 4 was decent but not as great as the other 3.

Lirky2897d ago

Is this the same one konami showed at their e3 press conf. where the inmate is on a bus and then the bus wrecks then after that he runs to the mist of silent hill it shows the sign, he ran to escape from the police.

GL0pez2897d ago

Yes this is the same game

Kran2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Wrong horror game to announce. Should have been AW2 :(

Uh oh.... How many SH fans did I just p*** off?

sam22362897d ago

Alan Wake is a crock of shit compared to Silent Hill.

Kran2897d ago

Alan Wake has a story. Silent Hill just makes no sense no more. I mean, Homecoming? I was sooooo bored 2 hours in.

DelbertGrady2897d ago

Silent Hill 1 & 2 were good but since then the series has been more or less garbage.

Alan Wake isn't made by the same devs and isn't published by Konami so your comment makes no sense.

If I had to choose...I'd like to see sequels for both games :)

guigsy2897d ago

Alan Wake is better than every Silent Hill game after 2.

GLoRyKnoT2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Cool new 4me! 1 of my favs :) Please Konami make SH good! (again)

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The story is too old to be commented.