Heavenly Sword downloadable content coming...if it sells well

During a presentation and Q&A at last night's Warhawk tournament at 3Rooms, Tameem Antoniades (co-founder of Ninja Theory) was asked what his response was to the criticism that Heavenly Sword was too short. He replied that Ninja Theory are definitely interested in extending the experience via downloadable content - but only if it sells well.

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PlayStation3603932d ago

if it sells around 1 mil globally before/around Christmas.

ArduousAndy3932d ago

it could mean anything.

Anywhere from breaking even to making a HUGE profit.

However I will ask this. I haven't played the game. TO me from what I have seen it seems to be similar to God of War. Honestly that is not a problem God of war was a great game.

But I'm curious what possible DLC can this game honestly get?

Just like Bioshock I got that game (I have a 360 btw) Spent a week getting all achievements. But I honestly do not see anything as far as DLC is concerned that would make me go back to the game. Unless its multi-player there is just nothing that makes me want to go back.

Im curious is Heavenly Sword the same way? If they added new side mission or play difficulty would it be worth it?

Or would it just be best to let the game stay the way it is and make these guys make the sequel.

Frankly as far as Bioshock is concerned I rather have them work on the sequel instead of DLC

monkey6023932d ago

Hey Andy it could be some kind of survival mode just like Ninja Gaiden Sigma got recently or something along those lines anyway


I got the game yesterday and yes the game is short, but I think its about right. Anyway I think the reply value is high because I'm working on getting all the extra content, which is pretty hard.

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PimpHandHappy3932d ago

i think they should start on part2 so we can have it by 2009! I loved this game but it was short and the combat was over way to fast. Still a hell of a movie!

thereapersson3932d ago

Sure, it's short. But the 7 or so hours of the main game are some of the most intense moments that i've played in a game in some time. I love the cinematic approach of this game; sometimes i'd rather play something that impacts me on a personal level even if my time with it is short.

Much better than playing a 15-20 hour game that doesn't leave me thinking about it long after I have turned it off, IMO.

no_more_heroes3931d ago

Sony fanboys (I HATE that word) always bashed Gears of War for it's short length even though it was also a cinematic thrill-ride (played the game, that's my opinion). Heavenly Sword is 2-3 times bigger and is the same length.

LeonSKennedy4Life3932d ago

Definitely an experience worth over 60 bucks. The game is just perfect...

Andy Serkis does such a great job! The acting is possibly the best I've ever seen in a game. I couldn't believe the motion on the mouths either...using the in-game engine...???

highps33932d ago

the game is great all the way around. Totally wrong about being to short. Might not be the longest game, but im still playing it after playing for over 6 hours yesterday. Easily playing through another time.

Buy the game its great. Worst thing about it imo is the screen tearing, but hey it happends.. Even on 360...

Menus are great, cut scenes are great, characters have personality, combat is fun, graphics are great and although it does have tearing frame rate stays solid.

Screw the reviews its worth 60 easily.

thereapersson3932d ago

The only thing that people are really complaining about with this game is the length, and like you just said, you managed to get more than the "quoted" length from it so that's all that matters.

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