Bungie Devs Drive (& Crash) a Real Warthog

A few Developers from Bungie Studios went over to New Zealand to help Peter Jackson on a new Halo project. Just for fun, the guys a WETA allowed the Developers to take a real working warthog out for a spin. I just don't want to be on the road when this guy is driving.


If the link is not working for you here is the actual url:

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gamer_xaf3901d ago

OMGz he crashed the warthog HAHAHAHA!!! Great upload dude.

ASSASSYN 36o3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Fire the gun fire thE [email protected] GUN you lucky fuc...! All they need is a real banshee and a 16 Spartan 4 armour suits, and paintball guns. Then we got us a live Halo game. (I got to say won't see a fully operational duplicate vehicle from killzone).

thereapersson3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Just like the Sony fanboys you bash, your 360 fanboy ways manage to sneak in a jab at a rival game.

Way to keep yourself on the same level as all the other ignorant, hypocritical fanboys on this site!

Anyway, this is really awesome. I just wish that was a functioning gun (or is it? lol, he never fires it)...

gEnKiE3901d ago

...was their a reason for the Killzone reference? No, just another idiotic fanboy comment..... And they say theirs no annoying 360 fanboys....

GnaM3901d ago

For all we know the gun is just a prop and doesn't even function. Even if it was real, it would probably be loaded with non-functioning dummy rounds. Furthermore, you can't just go firing off a gun in the middle of a freaking parking lot just for fun, especially not a freaking chain-driven heavy machinegun... look at how many residential houses are all around the area, not to mention cars and people. There's a reason why weapons are fired exclusively at shooting ranges.

WilliamRLBaker3901d ago

you guys sure are sensitive but hes right, there wont be a real working killzone vehicle that game is no where near as big as halo.

3 fps games, 1 rts game, another unnamed game, a movie...>_< halo is to games as starwars is to movies.

Omegasyde3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Why even bring up Killzone 2? Seriosly? ARe you guys that lame and pathetic to bring up PS3 game in something Halo related?

Geez La Weez, you both are two horrible examples of
"Fanboyism gone wrong"

Cool Video, I wonder if this is the prop for the Movie?


William if any game comes close to being
"the next starwarish expiriece",

Its Warcraft.

Halo the movie will be the next
"StarShip Troopers", hopefully with even better Battlescenes.

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ngg123453901d ago

I would want to drive a real warthog.

Marriot VP3901d ago

this is a duplicate

this was in the bungie update

DJ3901d ago

Talk about a dream come true.

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