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Released a few months back on the Xbox 360 and PC, DiRT provided a new direction for Codemasters' preexisting Colin McRae series of rally racing games. The game had a lot more in common with Digital Illusions' RalliSport Challenge series than the Colin McRae games of old, in that it put a greater emphasis on a variety of off-road racing disciplines, as opposed to sticking hard and fast to traditional rally racing. Boasting some of the most impressive visuals ever seen in a racing game (despite its erratic frame rate), and likewise a fun, arcade style of gameplay, DiRT was a blast, whether you were an old Colin McRae fan or not. Now the game has come to the PlayStation 3 with the fun intact, and with a stable frame rate to boot.

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xaphanze3875d ago

and they gave the 360 version 8.3

now this is what i call being fair...

ign sucks...

thereapersson3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Not because of any personal bias, but I really believe that IGN dropped the ball when the posted the exact same review for the PS3 version of the game as opposed to completely re-reviewing the game.

That was just journalistic laziness - it's good to see that Gamespot didn't follow suit.

edit: Thanks for the phantom disagree, douchebag!

fopums3875d ago

I'll give you an agree to compensate :D

Bathyj3875d ago

Good score.

Still this game doesn't come close to Motorstorm. Theres nothing else like Motorstorm.

xc7x3875d ago

this and Motorstorm aren't comparable except graphics. sorry you fail

madmike3875d ago

why are they so hard on the ps3 the game is better than the xbox360 so should get a 90 score two many games are getting low scores because of the hate for ps3.

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PimpHandHappy3875d ago

u race the clock and not real ppl! My next racer will have online play were i can see my fellow racers.

Still going to rent this game someday

xaphanze3875d ago

i think this game would have been an AAA title if they added the online feature ur talking about.


SuperSaiyan43875d ago

On the multiplayer, well PSN is free...What do you want for nothing? LOL.

Also I have already done a side by side comparison of the 360 and PS3 version of this game and the 360 version easily blows the PS3 version away graphically AND with the 360 pad with vibration its the best controller as well as you feel more in control.

devilsadvocate3875d ago

you really are a friggin idiot. the 360 version doesnt blow it away??? lol!!! It might be a bit shinier, but this game is too shiny anyway. Also, it has a stable fast framerate you numpty.

macalatus3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

First, in your system comparison, you forgot to put this: "...and the 360 version had a tendency to tank pretty badly during multicar races." Odd...

Second: Does anyone aside from trolls like you gives a rat's a$$ which version has superior graphics?

Third: For you to actually do a "side by side comparison" and troll in a PS3 article proves that YOU'RE A LOSER WITH NO LIFE!! Now stop licking that "fresh from the nose" snot of yours, build a social life and find a job!!

nasim3875d ago

who has cartoon halo 3 in his avatar

hilarious and shortsighted ---a BOT willing to buy a cartoon game is trashing the supeior DIRT version on PS3

BloodySinner3875d ago

You only have one bubble left. Which means you're no better than he is.

beast3875d ago

" The PS3 version's inclusion of a steadier frame rate, slightly better audio quality, and support for the Logitech G25 force feedback steering wheel helps define it as the best of the bunch"

Lol... GTFO

beast3875d ago

ehh...bu ..but but i take 2 months after

popup3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

I have both too and the 360 version does not blow it away - in fact the PS3 is ever-so-slighty better (as the devs stated).

There is a far less 'over the top' Bloom effect for a start which makes the 360 version look like 80's TV show 'Littlest Hobo' and the framerate is more consistent too.

....and no, counting the blades of grass on each version is not comparing them, it's a psychological problem. :)

falconm803875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

another 360 fanboy dumb statment,,, just look how many people disagree with you.

that was for SuperSaiyan4

mustash20033874d ago

so what your trying to tell us is that, after the ps3 version has had more work done on it to improve the visuals and sound, it has come out far worse. Sounds awfully bias to me. And its insulting to the developers.

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