Gran Turismo 5: Automatic A-Spec (and B-Spec) Grinding

Red Bull X2010 is known to be the fastest car in GT5, but how can it be used to grind for XP and money in the game?

Easy.. If you are level 24, the Superspeedway Indy in the Dream Car Championship features a linear track with only a few turns.

A user in PS3T came up with a very creative solution to do it without being near the controller (in A-Spec)...

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nix2897d ago

lol... wow. people are being just too innovative. i'm sure someone somewhere must be programming a robot to play the game for him/her.

rockleex2896d ago

Little Big Planet 2 brought out the creativity in him. :P

Bathyj2896d ago

I've never seen anyone work so hard to be lazy.

Bathyj2896d ago

Does anyone here HAVE the X2010 yet.

25 A Spec 28 B Spec here.

Getting close.

Nitrowolf22896d ago

just got it right now
27 A Spec
35 B Spec

you get it free through B-spec once you hit 35

DelbertGrady2896d ago

I remember doing something similar in Gran Turismo 2. I used the Suzuki Pikes Peak to win the endurance races, just by holding down the X button.

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