IGN: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Hands-on

Umbrella Chronicles takes you through five main areas of the Resident Evil world, starting with zero, moving on through the mansion incident in the original RE, then progressing to Raccoon city in RE2, diving even deeper into the Nemesis storyline with RE3, and finishing with a new area based on the Umbrella HQ. Newcomers to the series are getting a moody, intense light gun adventure with tons of history and series tidbits sprinkled throughout to keep them in the loop, but what Umbrella Chronicles is really about is giving longtime fans a huge blast of nostalgia. After playing through over four hours of the game IGN has playfully renamed it as "Resident Evil: Fan Service," as it's almost as much of a tribute to the franchise as it is a full game.

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MACHone3837d ago

Great preview. I've been kind of on the fence about this game, but I'm definitely leaning towards the "buy" side. This preview certainly added to my confidence that this won't be another Resident Evil: Survivor. I'm looking forward to playing this with the Zapper. I wonder which will be available first?

Thursday3836d ago

I bet this game will be really sweet, a must have for any RE fan. I've completed RE4 19 times now, so it's time for something new! :D