Is GameStop Making Unsolicited Phone Calls was tipped by a reader that a gentleman on the website had received a phone call asking him about any trades he might have and notifiying him about Halo 3. Is this a new policy by GameStop? Also, this is the second phone call to this customer, because he has audio of the first call recorded.

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Jdash243742d ago

yea i got that phone call TWICE!!!!
and a week after i traded in like 20 games
that pisses me off

Effects Guardian3742d ago

I got that same phone call in the morning, and the second time was about 2 minutes ago.

WAR_MACHINE773742d ago

I got one and so did 4 other people I work with. This halo hype BS is getting way out of hand. I work at night and don't want telemarketers calling at 8 freaking a.m. to try to get me to buy halo

drtysouf213742d ago

right after i had just picked up the ratchet and clank demo but the strange part is i didn't give them any info i just walked in asked for the demo and walked out. They have my info from previous purchases but it was strange to get the call right after i had just been their!

Nameless3742d ago

They are notifiying about Halo 3 almost two weeks early ?

eLiNeS3742d ago

it is a prerecorded message letting you know of there special trade in any game and get an extra 30% credit toward HALO 3 pre-order.

I wounder how we can get off there phone list!

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The story is too old to be commented.