TGV: DC Universe Online Impressions

Excerpt: With its major territory release date just around the corner (January 11th in the US and 14th in the UK), it’s clear that a lot of testing, playing, and care has gone into what is now DC Universe Online. Being in the beta for a little while now, it seemed appropriate to write this up. Understanding that the beta is not a wholesome representation of the entire game, but is representative of the final product, at least in part.

How does DC Universe Online hold up?

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Herminator2896d ago

How many fake Batmen (Batmans?) did you encounter?

Sidology2896d ago

None, surprisingly, but I guess everyone was intimidated by my character's massive breasts.

borisfett2896d ago

The design options for your characters are deliberated as far removed from the "big tree" as possible. Superman is super easy to create, but that's about it. I meant a crap tonne of super-man-ish clones. Red and blue seems to be in this season.

RustyMagus2896d ago

We should do Regular-ass Batman, Russian Martian Batman and Green Lantern Batman!

borisfett2896d ago

I was in the beta as well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My biggest concern, as with any MMORPG, is the end game content. This is one area I hope the game doesn't fall down on. Unfortunately, something like that is very hard to gauge until the game has been out for a few months.

Here's hoping.

Chris3992896d ago

Took the day off work! Can't wait!

Applederp2896d ago

>choose Batman as your Mentor
>use nothing but Guns

clintos592896d ago

I ran into alot of wannabe batman's and superman's. The ones I thought were morons are the female heroes standing there trying to be cute lol. I was always like cya I have lives to save lol.

Yeah ill be grabbing mine in the morning & go to work & i took the day off for wed, & thurs just to play this game. Its going to be a blast, see u all online.

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