SEGA releases more classic Genesis games onto the PC

Following the success of the three previous SEGA Genesis Classics collections, SEGA of America has released a fourth installment of Genesis games onto the PC via digital distribution websites.

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Balt 2899d ago

Or for FREE!!!! Through emulation that's been around for many, many moons.

SactoGamer2899d ago

True, but this is legit/legal.

SaiyanFury2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Yeah I have Sonics' Ultimate Genesis Collection for my PS3, but I've been emulating SEGA systems for years. KEGA for the win! :)

sonicsidewinder2899d ago

Wouldn't u rather just feel the smooth grip of a Mega Drive's controller?

teedogg802898d ago

Nope. My PS3 controller is the perfect emulator controller.