Intel to acquire Havok

Intel Corporation today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Havok Inc., the leading provider of interactive software and services used by digital media creators in the game and movie industries. Havok will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel.

The acquisition will enable developers in the digital animation and game communities to take advantage of Intel's innovation and technology leadership in the creation of digital media.

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xplosneer3932d ago

This have to do with the Havok engine? Also, Intel is sided with HDDVD, what does this mean?

neogeo3932d ago

I believe you are correct about the Havok engine. The same engine used for Heavenly Sword.
The good is that Havok will become better. The bad is Intel may abuse there power:(

spammy_nooo3932d ago


Aww poor old AMD :(
They're falling behind.

*crosses arms tightly and tries not to cry*

AMD does have ATI now though. I guess thats better than *trying* to make your own graphics chips. Yeah, you know what im talking about Mr. Intel!

ItsDubC3929d ago

I think this acquisition means that Intel's future chips will be optimized for use with Havok-based physics calculations and that multi-core CPUs will be able to play Havok-based games extremely well. Of course, if the market does move toward a socketed specialized chip architecture, we may see a physics chip from Intel to compete with the likes of AGEIA's PhysX hardware.