GameFocus: Two Worlds II Hands-On

The story picks up with you and your sister as Gandohar’s prisoner. Gandohar is tapping her lifeforce and you are there to act as a sustaining force; keeping her alive during the torment being inflicted upon her. As you are led into the dungeon, a group of Orcs - creatures that are thought to have been wiped out - arrive and stage a break out for you. Once free, it becomes apparent that destiny has some big plans for both you and your sister; with the fate of the world firmly at stake

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Bolts2892d ago

I gotta check this game out, how is the PS3 version?

Substance1012892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Usually these games are very unoptimised, the Devs just dont have the funds to optimise on every platform. Take the example of simular games like:

Risen (Not released for PS3, On xbox 360 looks like a mess and runs badly)
Divinity 2 (again console version doesnt look good, PC version runs great).

Although both are good games they just run badly. However a solution is to play them on PC. PC hardware due to brute force is able to overcome badly optimised games. I recently plaeyd Risen running on PC @ 5760*1080p 4xAA @ 60-80fps.

However for a normal res like 1920*1080p i would think any midrange to entry level PC should be just fine.

pr0digyZA2892d ago

But remember by the time it releases to the rest of the world, the gold patch will be out, hopefully removing a lot of the bugs.

Bolts2892d ago

I'm comparing the PC version being played on a 480 GTX vs the PS3 from You huge difference in texture quality. Maybe I'll pick up the PC's version from one of Steam's sales someday, but for now Gamefly's PS3 version is the way to go.

Viper72892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Ps3 version is fine, there's this blurryness is somewhat disturbing at the beginning but you get used to it. Googling tells me that the blur is in all versions of the game.

Dunno how it competes with the PC and X360 version, but personally I am impressed. No bugs, Freezes so far and around 20 hours in. FPS is pretty solid most of the time, but in more populated and detailed areas it may drop a bit. The loading times are really fast tough, You barely need to wait at all when using teleport.

There's some Ps3 gameplay on youtube which you could also check.

astronautbread2892d ago

videos on youtube DO NOT give an accurate portrayal of this game.

i have it on ps3, and have played around 50 hours between single and multiplayer.

the textures and lighting in this game are VERY good!
the performance isn't great, though.

for the most part this game looks great on the ps3, and chugs along at around 25fps (which is fine to me...)
very rarely it drops down to an unacceptable stutter, but i can't figure out why, it's not specific to having too many characters on screen or combat. just randomly, but thankfully it's rare.

only once in my playtime (well i repeated it, but only in the same location.) has the game ceased to function. my character just froze, but not the game as a whole. had to load a save rather than reboot the ps3.

i can't comment on performance on the other platforms, but unless they are worse than the ps3, i'd highly recommend this game!

this game is like a mash up of ideas from oblivion, red dead redemption, and sacred 2. and it executes on those ideas rather well.

Viper72887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Yeah, youtube videos don't tell much on the graphical side (except maybe on high def). But it usually gives somewhat good idea how well the game runs and plays.

But the game is quite nice graphically and after oblivion and both fallout games the stableness of the game is something to give credits to.

Solid 8 to my books, and the spell system is one of the best ones I have ever seen.

Probably the worst thing about this game is the voice acting and cinematic. Some may also hate the interfaces, logos and such as they look like they where made for a badly funded German power metal band.. Dragons... Dragons everywhere!

MGRogue20172892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I've watched some HD gameplay videos of the game here on this guy's YouTube channel: & I quite like it. It's definately better than the 1st Two Worlds game..

I will think about trading in my copy of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for it.. I'm pretty much done with that game anyway.. and the multi-player doesn't interest me anymore. :)

Legion2892d ago

I played the first game and actually enjoyed playing it. (having overlooked the minor issues of voice acting and minimal glitches)

I will be picking up the second game this friday.(already released in some countries it appears)

I never had any issue with the original horse conrols as some did, but some couldn't stand the GTA IV car controls either and I liked 'em. Doubt even the new game can give me the controls of Red Dead but looking forward to seeing how well they work.

The Author obviously hasn't played too many games to be thrilled that he is able to kill an Ostrich in game. Come on... even Halo:Reach gave you the option to kill their Ostrich like bird at the beginning of the game.

And for 101... Risen does NOT look like a mess on 360 and runs rather well. PC's are great but playing with a keyboard and mouse is old school, and the multiple computer setups gives you varying play quality. The simple no install setup of console gaming is what is attractive to gamers on consoles... get over your PC players rule mentality. I have owned ALL systems and find PC no better then any consoles when it comes to gaming. It has it's advantages and disadvanteges... biggest disadvantage... CONSTANT upgrading and purchasing of new HARDWARE to keep up with PC requierments.

Viper72892d ago

Funny how this game gets a "hands on" this late, its been on sale in Europe for a long while now (even in Nordic countries). Guess there have been some weird problems in publishing this game.

phantomexe2892d ago

I preordered a while back for the ps3. The reviews that are out for it say the game is great. Ign and gamepro say we are all in for a surprise. Looking forward to finding out.

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