Gearbox denies Aliens: Colonial Marines delay

Gearbox is denying an earlier report by Destructoid that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been pushed beyond 2011.

According to Gearbox head Randy Pitchford, someone's confused because he assures that Aliens: Colonial Marines has not been delayed at all, saying, "I haven't seen the issue of Edge that the NeoGAF story is referencing or what was printed, but I am certain that I haven't discussed anything specific regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines with anyone beyond emphasising how passionate I am about the title and how committed my studio and I are to making it great."

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VenomProject2898d ago

Gearbox, do not disappoint us.

We Aliens fans are tired of taking it from behind, or at least I am.

AvP 2010 sucked. Sucked hard.

RedDead2898d ago

Play the old AvP's they're great

hoops2898d ago

The old AVP 2 game was amazing. I cannot understand why they cannot make a ND this generation version with the same quality?????
Or for god sakes...remake it running the cryengine 2.

VenomProject2898d ago

I've been playing the AvP games since the Atari Jaguar, I've got a real soft spot in my heart for those games.

AvP2 was the only decent Aliens game I've ever played. Ever. (In my opinion)

I want a true "next gen" Aliens game.

Kon2898d ago

They have to make a game better than the last Alien vs Predator... That game was mediocre.

iamgoatman2898d ago

AvP 2010 really wasn't that bad at all, although I never played the MP. But I had loads of fun in both the Predator and Alien campaigns, the Marine wasn't half bad either. They're not brilliant, but they certainly aren't terrible.

ThanatosDMC2898d ago

Multiplayer was horrible. The only campaign i finished was the Marines but i always played it on the hardest difficulty. I only got halfway through the Pred and didnt get very far with the Alien.

No pred/alien classes in multiplayer sucked, terrible lag, survival mode dlcs, no mech, no morphing to queen, etc. Stuff that made AVP2 awesome and memorable were completely missing from the single player.

TheRacingX2898d ago

The only thing that REALLY sucked about AvP was that the online matchmaking sucked it! There are no lists, no games to join, the game just throws you into whatever, its stupid. They really should have fixed that, they knew it was crap right from the demo not working right. As for the single player, its 3 separate short campaigns all together = typical FPS length. The graphics while not cutting edge are on par with the Halo's (I know I'll get slammed for that, whatever). Bottom line, its a fan service game, if you like the franchises, chances are you'll enjoy. I think the reviews were wayyyy too rough on this title

IcemanHH212898d ago

This game MUST be the shit ! don't screw it up dev:(
avp 2010 sucked indeed

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Human Analog2898d ago

This is good news. I have been waiting for this since the Gameinformer article in '09. I just hope it's as good as they talked about back then. If so then it will be great!

ForROME2898d ago

This is FANTASTIC news, its still on, now show us some new screen fools!

IaMs122898d ago

OH please not and please be ready soon, its had a lot of time to get polished and good to go. Better not disappoint here, im in the mood for a good Alien survival horror FPS action adventure game haha with coop too i might add :)

Gen0ne2898d ago

I have been pacing for this game. Please 4 player online co-op! I'm calling it now, I'm Hudson. Game over man, game over.

Spenok2898d ago

Lol same here man, I thought this was canceled. Luckily for me it is not. Awesome.

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