IGN: DC Universe Online Collector's Edition Unboxing

DC Universe Online is finally here, but before IGN divess in and create their own heroes and villains, they need to go through all the cool crap that comes in the collector's edition.

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2774d ago
clintos592774d ago

Anyone know if there is a midnight launch, I want to grab the game asap just to have it ready for when the servers are up.

xTruthx2774d ago

My gamestop doesn't have 1 :(

ngecenk2774d ago

no midnight launch here either. i guess its not that much hype to this game.

the weirdest thing is no KB ads for this game. its a huge step but no kb support :-s

clintos592774d ago

Damn that sucks, my gamestop isnt having one either. WTF is up with that? This is dc universe were talking about here. Damn how can such an amazing game not have a midnight launch but black ops gets one. This game craps all over black ops. Guess ill have to grab it in the morning.

soundslike2774d ago

because its not on xbox.

sarshelyam2774d ago

The servers aren't live until 10am on launch day anyhow. A Midnight launch would be horribly torturous.

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Lirky2774d ago

i paid $15 this month :), ok next month can someone spare me $15 so i can play more.

daylo2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I thought the first month was free?

Lirky2774d ago

Yes it is i was just making a comment based on making fun of "pay 2 play".

labaronx2774d ago

my ps3 version will be waiting for me when i get off from work tomorrow after noon..... 2011 kicks of now

Kon2774d ago

2 AAA titles in the first month for PS3 users. Looks like this will be the year of PS3.

slinky1234562774d ago

Add ME2 and Dead Space 2 and you have 4 AAA titles this month(:

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The story is too old to be commented.