Games We Couldn't Put Down in 2010

GameDynamo - "COD: Black Ops' eight hours of campaign missions can take a hike. When I lay down $60 of my hard-earned cash, I want to get something out of it."

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Kran2893d ago

Glad you couldn't put now Fallout New Vegas. I bought it a week ago and I aint carried on yet because its not like Fallout 3 >:l

DatNJDom812892d ago

I always go back to GOW3. Playing the game and listening to that soundtrack while I'm gutting a centuar, ripping off a head, and just bringing pure destruction is gaming bliss. Also can't stop playing street fighter. Love that game. What else. Peacewalker, my God that game devoured my time. Ghost of Sparta was a hell of a ride and I'm still trying to unlock all Zeus's treasures. Lords of Shadow was not as hard as GOW but it was a great game that I enjoyed.

Joni-Ice2892d ago

A couple, Battlefield Bad Company2 (Got Platinum), God of War3 (2 more trophies for plat), MAG (3 more trophies for plat). I got to get my platinums up. My friend has 39 Platinums.

gillri2892d ago

Jeremy Bonner thinks RDR is on PC

Perjoss2892d ago

I think i will get a huge Bonner when they finally announce RDR on PC...


WKC,over 1k hours in that game.I only stopped because the 'group' moved onto FFIV....I defected.

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