IGN: Pre-TGS 2007: Ninja Gaiden 2 Demo Impressions

IGN's Hilary Goldstein writes:

"I am a hardcore Ninja Gaiden fan. I've beaten the game in its multiple forms four times. For my money, Ninja Gaiden Black is the greatest action game of all time. So when I had the opportunity to see ten minutes of Ninja Gaiden 2 in action, I was more than a little psyched. Consider this a friendly warning. If you hated Ninja Gaiden you will not care for anything written below; if you loved NG, then you will leave this article with fewer wrinkles in your pants. Though the demo shows little more than a series of fights, one thing is clear: Ninja Gaiden 2 turns the knob to 11."

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secret3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I've beaten Ninja Gaiden Sigma on normal about 4 times now and still enjoy playing it over and over again because I haven't mastered many of the weapons or the bosses yet. And because I love the graphics and the feeling that I was the newbie at the office and everyone was picking on me. But then after being there and doing the same things over and over again, I get better and better and then one day I feel like I own the place. I walk around the office like I own the place. And that's why i like playing the game again and again. Nice and slow sometimes.

To think that I'm just barely giving hard and then very hard a try. I don't think I'm too excited about Ninja Gaiden 2 because, quite frankly, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is keeping me satisfied like a good wife. I don't need anything else right now, thanks. And I was really expecting a major overhaul in graphics POWER rather than drawing style. Ninja Gaiden Sigma was just a remake port. And I don't feel Ninja Gaiden 2 looks better at all. And it was done by one of Itagaki's underlings even. I don't like blood either. I wasn't going to buy NGS because it had blood. Fortunately, I don't pay attention to it when I'm playing.

I'm sure this game will be good because I trust Team Ninja as much as I trust Insomniac after seeing Resistance Fall of Man. I'd buy it if NG2 would come to the PS3, but I'm not going to keep an eye on it at all. And I don't like ports that are designed for the 360 because even if the game comes out looking identical to the 360, it's never really that impressive compared to the games that orginate soley for the PS3 like MGS4 or Motorstorm or GT5, and so on.

I haven't read previews for this game. I haven't looked at much pics in details. But I notice that I'm not too impressed with the graphics or the fact that there are so little enemies on screen at one time.

But I know from experience with Sigma that this will most likely be a good game in the same way that I usually believe the old Mario and Megan Man games on the NES would turn out good. Good Reputation and good developers.

I hope you enjoy the game. I know you probably will if Sigma is any indication...

Enjoy your game...

socomnick3869d ago

wow ninja gaiden 2 is sounding pretty good I'm most interested in the gore.

fe103869d ago

Nice summary of the demo. I want this game now.

DreamTension3869d ago

Ever since I was a child and played Turok for the first time, I have always dreamed of blood like that.


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