Skyrim: World Map, Menus, and Concept Images

SystemLink: "Little has been revealed about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but if one thing's certain it's that the game is very real and due for release later his year. Teeming with energy reserved only for a Bethesda product, gamer's continue to speculate how the fifth game in the famed series will come together. Well fellow enthusiasts, we have some information for you."

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Calm Down Sunshine2894d ago

What the...

You got a picture of a drawing of a mushroom?

..Thanks for posting I guess..

falloutx2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

It's a picture of this video. I like the video it's a cool behind the scene video.

MiyagiSPG2893d ago

There studio looks awesome!

norman292893d ago

That mushroom looks awesome!

Shackdaddy8362894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I like how its in an sub-zero environment. I just love the Nordic feel to it.

Led-Zeppelin2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Yeah its nice to have a few changes here and there. It adds variety.

Sean Ryno2894d ago

Nothing new or interesting here people. Move along.

Can't wait for this game though.

Tr10wn2894d ago

i think this is pretty cool, seen the actual world map and the alpha/beta menu.

ps3rider2894d ago

i think the map is small,

Rage_S902893d ago

size isn't everything at least thats what my girl tells me.....

Call_me_Ishmael2894d ago

i hope they fix crafting,i wanted to make cool weapons in oblivion but never got around too cause the crafting kinda sucks imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.