God of War Swords + Armour found in Heavenly Sword

What do God of War and Heavenly Sword have in common? Quite a few things I hear you wondering. Except, they're not quite the same games are they? seems they have a bit more in common than you realised

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PimpHandHappy3901d ago

I just looked at a few of the weapons Bohan had taken...very cool they gave a little nod towards God of War

DrPirate3901d ago

The Weakspot for massive damage was also a great inside joke they threw in there.

IPlayGames3901d ago

went right to the sword.

Twing Twang FTW.

PlayStation3603901d ago

Hellz Yeah Twing Twang FTW. Nariko's awesome, but I would have to say my fav. character in HS would have to be Kai. THAT CHICK'S PSYCHO! (second fav. character is Bohan, dude is hilarious)

I wish Ninja Theory made a side story of Kai on the psp or something. Maybe even the story of Kai before she met up with Nariko. :)

BTW: I love the way Kai walks (Head leaned forward, arm 90 degree bent with hand bent aswell.) Something about that walk is just unsettling... FREAKING AWESOME. lol


Twing Twang FTW

Kai is my fav character right now,
she's mysterious and psycho.

Frances-the-Mute3901d ago

now i am just going to pass the whole game today ;)

BulletToothtony3901d ago

a chapter a day, but i couldn't help it and i finished it last nite at 4:30am, it took me well over 8 hours.. the final boss it's refreakingdiculous to kill.. it was frustrating but the game was awesome..

be careful thou brisie, you might end up going to your friday nites parties if you play if for too long..

warfed3901d ago

!!! that was the most frustrating end boss I have ever played I had to try a fahqing hour!!! I broke a bunch stuff in my house out of frustration, but I beat him, and i don't even think I will attempt hell mode lol...

Frances-the-Mute3901d ago

i think im a skip out on today's party, cuz im hooked, i think im almost done

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The story is too old to be commented.