Reggie: Wii Holiday Hardware Supplies will be "Unprecedented"

Nintendo boss man Reggie Fils-Aime sat down with San Jose Mercury News to talk about everything Wii and DS. Reggie says Wii supply this season will be "unprecedented." He promises that stock for the console will be "substantially more than the launch, substantially more than has been seen to date." That's the good news, says Fils-Aime.

The bad news is that according to Reggie, "given the level of demand and given the fact that the more we put in, the more we sell, it is still going to be difficult to get your hands on the Wii."

On the console front he sounded pretty confident in the Wii's ongoing success, saying "In terms of our competitors, what we continue to see is that 360 and PS3 essentially trade share as they alternate on price reductions. But, really none of that is impacting our business."

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ktchong3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

He says BioShock is a "great title".

and he also says he will not name the "couple" PS3 titles because he's not impressed by them. LOL. I wonder what those titles are.

He's so totally bashing PS3 and PSP, but he very tactful about it.

Frances-the-Mute3599d ago

that it could be a fad, but then again look at pokemon, it will sell due to the brand name

Bnet3433599d ago

Does any know if modding a Wii is hard? I want to softmod mines if it's possible, does anyoNe know?

3599d ago
jackdoe3599d ago

Well, now we know why there were Wii shortages. They were stockpiling their stock for a major holiday push... or maybe not.

BloodySinner3599d ago

Hey, that's an interesting theory you got there....

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The story is too old to be commented.