Behind The Scenes Of Skyrim

Game Informer: On our recent visit to Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard (Skyrim's director) was kind enough to give us a full tour of their new office. The team is hard at work creating Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but there are still plenty of fun distractions within these hallowed halls, along with a number of glimpses at the new game. From behind-the-scenes design concepts to a map of Skyrim, there are lots of exciting details to pore over.

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Iamback2897d ago

they are so blessed. Wish i was one of them....

pangitkqb2897d ago

Awesome Vid! I loved seeing the art inspiring the game. Interesting to see Mammoths!

Can't wait.

pain777pas2897d ago

Very cool. I liked watching this. *Tears* I want to work in the gaming industry.

lex-10202897d ago

They should be making the game not showing us their studio. Jk. awesome studio. But i want the damn game to come out already.

DIEGOtheGREAT2897d ago

dude I feel your pain. I honestly cannot wait for november.

Kon2897d ago

I want gameplay videos!

Genecalypse2897d ago

did the computer just blue screen lol?

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