Halo 3: Believe - Diorama Making Of (Xbox 360)

Making Of

Go behind the scenes and see how the John-117 Monument was created. Built as a tribute to the fight for our very survival as a species, the monument is a three-dimensional snapshot of the battle that defined us, and the hero who pulled us from the brink.

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Odion3742d ago

wow, that actually gave me chills, it sounded so much like it had happened it a real war.

God bless you MC

THE HIVE MIND3742d ago

i no right
you all should go to
and check out the whole scene
use your mouse to pilot around the set-up
get in depth interviews with characters
who they were and how they died
kind makes you feel like your doing the whole titanic crap underwater kinda thing
oh and you get to see good ole 117 blow himself up with a grenade

its fuch-ing sweet

oh and *BELIEVE

jackdoe3742d ago

The making of video shouldn't have shown them making environments out of styrofoam...

Norad63742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

The guy saying "Rated M for Mature" at the end killed the whole mood. I was about to feel a sense of fictional pride until the narrator ruined it.

BTW... Head to and take a virtual tour of this masterpiece. It has first-person accounts and interviews from veterans of the battle. Really cool stuff and it hits home beautifully.