Silent Hill: Downpour may ruin water for you

GamerTell: The Downpour part of the title refers to the new transformation triggers. When water unexpectedly appears, Murphy Pendleton better be prepared to start encountering disturbing individuals. Rain, sprinklers, anything could change the normal town to its dark, bloody and disturbing counterpart. Oh, and Murphy is going to be Silent Hill’s latest hero/victim.

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Balt 2893d ago

Not unlike the Hellraiser franchise, Silent Hill is a series that started out bad and, in many attempts to make it better, kept getting worse and worse.

Dr-Zoidberg2892d ago

Silent Hill 2 is one of the best games ever made, recent carnations have not really lived up to much however. I don't know about Downpour but I hope it does well.

Mr Tretton2892d ago

"Silent Hill is a series that started out bad"