Clan support coming to Xbox Live in time for Halo 3?

Under Online Game Play details for Xbox Live and Halo 3, Clans is listed as a feature. Does this mean the fall dashboard update and clan support are coming before September 25th? (Pics included)

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power of Green 3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

I'll agree with this dude's find and even go further saying its likely the Clan support may have already been installed and is much more advanced and worked into Live(Update a few days ago)...

But he's probably right we know for a fact Halo 3 will have clan support comming atleast in the fall update.

I made a comment the other day saying MSFT knows something with Numbers when it comes to Xbox 1 owners jumping to next-gen having this type of info available on XBL...

Dannagar3871d ago

The Halo fever has started. I'm sold out of Halo 2 and Xbox 360's. Everyone is getting ready. It's going to be crazy!

WafflesID3870d ago

Someone disagreed with you. Guess you have one sitting in the back room somewhere that you didn't know about.

PS360PCROCKS3871d ago

Hells yeah for clan support!

eLiNeS3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

that way other games could use it as well, even though HALO 3 will be the only game in my box for some time to come.

THE HIVE MIND3871d ago

come on kids
this was a no brainer .
regardless of what bungie has mentioned.
clan-support is embedded into halos Dna.
from halo 1 to halo 3 its a tradition.
so excluding this in any shape or form
is rediculous!
even if it wasn't directly embedded on the actually disc you knew you would get it and you have,
implemented through an update over xbox live
how come the psn doesnt get support like this
oh thats right you bought a dvd player
that plays downgraded ports of my concole
-sorry guys had to throw in that fanboyism
cause im an xbot bot thats bots
take away dem bubbles and get off my jock

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The story is too old to be commented.