MTV News Is Looking For 'Halo 3' Fans Whose Lives Will Change On September 25

MTV is looking for some gamers whose lives are going to change on September 25.

Are you a "Halo 3" fan, at least 17 years old and in the New York City area? Is the impending release of Bungie's big new game about to radically affect your sleep schedule, your social life and the amount of days you're going to be home "sick"?

If so, MTV News wants to chronicle the effect "Halo 3" is going to have on your life for an upcoming story. Send a short e-mail talking about just how much your life is going to change, who you think it's going to affect and what you're going to do about it.

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Frances-the-Mute3840d ago

there has never been one game that has changed my, only gaming in general has effected me

jinn3839d ago

what's a "Halo 3"? lol