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"With the theme “to know the Strength to Protect,” the 12th installment of the Tales studio was recently ported to the PS3 with the new name Tales of Graces f. Many changes were made to the original Wii version, but the part that remains unchanged was the main storyline.

Graces has a world that is similar to its antecedents, where people relies in some mystic energy source called Arles and Cryas to support the three competing kingdoms: Windol, Strata, and Fendel, which resembles the German Empire, USA, and USSR respectively, intentionally or not."

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MightyMark4272808d ago

I just hope Namco Bandai in North America will localize this game...

MattyF2808d ago

At this point it seems highly unlikely. We'll miss out on Tales of the Abyss 3DS, too, but since the game is a port, they may release that if no much has to be done to it.

Namco doesn't have much faith in Tales sales in North American anymore to justify the investment of releasing it here and dubbing it.

ComboBreaker2807d ago

Instead, Namco is going to port it to the 360 and release it in America, exclusively.

Kiri2807d ago

And why do you think so?

ComboBreaker2807d ago

Because Namco is being stupid.

Kiri2806d ago

That's not really a valid reason to support what you're saying.

easto1a2808d ago

humm interesting title

Magnus2808d ago

Unless it says coming to North America in the title I could careless about a review about a game I can't play

Neckbear2808d ago

You CAN play it.

Just not in English.

Mahr2808d ago

"You CAN play it.

Just not in English."

Once the fan translation is completed and signed, we can play it in English, too.

Redempteur2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Nice review ( the protect theme isn't a bad thing as we know that the hero has to protect the heroine in some ways).

i strongly agree with the costumes ..there weren't enough On wii and not much was added sadly ...

Kiri2806d ago

The afterstory part is really the best. The excel system really brings even more fun to the battle.