Killzone 3 Will Smack Black Ops Out of the Park

Paul writes, "...Even Treyarch themselves have stated that Killzone 2 is one of their inspirations and favorite games and it is clear to see why....

...Overall, the game just has a certain feel to it and atmosphere that has yet to be recreated with any other game. From the amazing life-like graphics (even though it is sci-fi) to the intense and original game-play...

...Although most people don't like the long distance warfare of the sniper rifle, in this game it just feels appropriate. Because you're not on small maps, you can see the enemy from far away but cannot lock on easily for the one shot one kill, real skill is required. The movement of this game is far too fast for the typical cheapness found in most Arcade-style military shooters (cough cough, no quick-scoping)....

...Killzone 3 is going to hit and it's going to hit hard, whether the sales are there or not the quality is likely to blow us all away...."

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Hitman07692894d ago

I agree with the author in terms of quality 100%. I hope they fix the small issues it did have and from what I saw when playing it first hand at E3, it feels like they did fix them. I don't know how much it will sell but honestly I don't care.

velocitygamer2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I just hope people won't spam the whole multiplayer maps with those rocket launchers...god that was a pain in the ass!

Edit: I'm just asking since I didn't get a place in the beta...even though I was pretty sure I was one of the first to download the theme :/

Anyway, it's good to see no rocket spam, because it annoyed the hell outta me.

morganfell2894d ago

It didn't happen in the beta. Rockets were less of a problem there than any game with such a weapon I have played lately. It all comes down to teamwork and tactics.

It's like the mechs. At first we wondered if they would be too powerful but it didn't turn out to be the case. They added to the gameplay without overly affecting it. There is no other game for which I am prepping the way I am with KZ3. I am still running the botzone just to keep tuned.

himdeel2894d ago

...K3 is amazing there's nothing like it and there's not such thing as rocket spam...proximity mines ehhh can suck but it's manageable :)

I just wish they'd enable move support on the beta now so that I can work my way into trying the game with Move.

The botzone bots are harder to engage than any human opponent at first but now I can get top spots in that mode.

jeseth2894d ago

Can't wait for KZ3, the trailers have looked unbelievable so far and all the gameplay videos have been great.

I hope Rico dies early on . . . if he doesn't, I hope he doesn't swear every other word. I'm all for explitives, but Rico curses like most ignorant people do and it kind of got annoying towards the end of KZ2.

Maybe the first level of KZ3 could be the player taking control of a Helghast soldier and taking out Rico . . . then transitioning over to Sev.

RBLAZE19882894d ago

Agreed...I already sold black ops back lol. I had more fun with killzone 3 bot mode than black ops and still playing bot mode at least once a day.

TheFreak2894d ago

Kz3 will be a beast no doubt in my mind. Played the beta and it was really good, the final product will be even better

BkaY2894d ago

multiplayer alone makes me pre-order this bad boy....
first FPS which i am gonna play the hell outta it...

i still play the botzone almost everyday...


bageara2894d ago

do you guys ever go over to the game is getting so much hate over there

thugbob2893d ago

I like this article. It highlights all the things that makes KZ2 MP great. I'm not looking forward to KZ3 because GG purposely noobified the MP due to all noobs complaining about they sucked due to the game instead of blaming themselves. Good luck KZ3 noobs. Enjoy your casualfied game. I'm off to play BRINK.

NOTE: I don't mind the faster and smoother controls of KZ3. What I dislike is the low recoil and high aim assist on the guns. Another thing disliked about KZ3 is the lack of balance. A good example of this is the LMG. In KZ2 in order to get that weapon you had to sacrifice abilities. This no longer the case in KZ3 as you all know. Have fun getting camped by LMG noobs. rofl

Shani2893d ago

I don't know if they can beat COD in sales. I hope they do.

But in quality, they have blown me away for sure. Just can't wait for february to get my hands on Helghast Helmet.

mrcash2893d ago

i agree with most with the exception of sniper rifles taking real skill, I just found it really easy to use and i'm typically no good with the sniper in games.

elpresador2893d ago

....all in all it was pretty average. The muti was fun for a bit UNTIL you got to hier ranks and it was a rocket launcer fest.

I know I am gonna get slammed with disagrees for my next things but so be it, they are my opinion and thus I am not wrong.

Now, in ALL games I am big into the campaign more than multi and lets face it, KZ2 campaign was pretty horrid, There was not much story, the dialoge was nothing but F this and F that (mainly Rico as he swore every thirs word) The main character Sev was forgettable and the environments were ostly the same.

The length was good and alll but overall I just felt EH with the campaign. I did have fun with multi for quite awhile.

Now, quality wise I am unsure because what do you mean with quality? If you go with just looks then yes it will be COD but beyond that is yet to be seen.

Of course as far as blowing COD out of the water as far as sales, I doubt it,. Even if you take PS3 only sales of BO it will trump KZ3.

Anyway, I will reserve jiudgement. Only thing that looked gay to me was some shots of Sev with a freak FAUX hawk. I mean really/// He is supposed to be a bad ass and he is given a FAUX HAWK?? That is ueber GAY.

Anyway, let the disagrees come but I liked BO over KZ2 as far as campaign EXCEPT for giving the length oto KZ2 as it lasted a good clip.

Anyway, I dunno to me if it will be above BO except in graphics and multi, I am worried about the campaign that it may be crap like the first.

pixelsword2893d ago

The big three that probably will tear BlackOps a new one:

1. Killzone 3 (for some reason, I expect a pushback in release date)

2. Resistrance 3

3. Crysis 2: (I also think it's likely there will be a delay in release)

k-Lan2893d ago


I predict none of the above. BO will destroy those games in sales even only counting the PS3.

Killzone 3 (Not even close. Half maybe?)
Resistance 3 (even worse)
Crysis 2 (IMO, this game is going to have a hard time)

Comparing the sales of Bad Company 2 with the games above would make more sense.

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Active Reload2894d ago

"Even Treyarch themselves have stated that Killzone 2 is one of their inspirations and favorite games and it is clear to see why"

I would love to see a link to this interview or whatever it was, where they say this, lol.

DoomeDx2894d ago

Indeed. I dont belive this, until i see it

darthv722894d ago

Why wesley? devs are not like us. They can appreciate what another team does and acknowledge that.

It isnt hard to believe at all. Just because you develop a game for one company doesnt mean you have to trash the competition.

i dont doubt KZ3 will be a better fps experience than black ops. They are two different styles of games so it really depends on what perspective you use.

Active Reload2894d ago

Maybe because no one actually detected any inspiration from KZ2 inside of Black Ops.

RedDragan2893d ago

You are right Active Reload. The level of shit we people have put up with in COD proves they didn't even take a look at the vastly superior Killzone 2.

TKCMuzzer2893d ago

Active reload is right, they looked at Killzone 2 and thought, wow this actually works. Lets go away and create a game with appalling melee detection, half assed hit detection (especially head shots), crap connection, freezing problems, obvious lag etc etc. They may have looked at Killzone 2 for inspiration its just a shame they did not have time to put any of it in their game.
Killzone 3 beta was class, that is saying a lot for a beta, well designed maps, no lag and of course those CLASSIC melee kills where you actually have to get near someone to melee.

k-Lan2893d ago

"The level of shit we people have put up with in COD proves they didn't even take a look at the vastly superior Killzone 2"

ROFL!! Best joke of the day!! You're joking dude? Please tell me you're joking? PLEASE.

Killzone 2 was a borefest. Especially online.

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-Mezzo-2894d ago

I'm 100% sure i'll be playing the MP for months to come. I've never been in a a Clan, but i really want to be in a KZ3 clan.

Gamer_Z2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Black Ops is fun but its absolute garbage on the PS3, its unplayable for me. So yeah im pretty sure Killzone 3 can take top spot on the PS3, I say let them have it BO isnt that great anyways.

Xbox > Black Ops

PS3 > Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Mag

Killzone is only known by the hardcore PS3 crowd, but it’s not really well known by the casuals so in terms of sales "no" it will not beat BO but in terms of qauality yes it will blow BO out of the water. Really what it comes down to is preference I like COD's style of gameplay it’s addicting and fun, and the only thing that Black Ops does right is the gameplay everything else sucks. I played Killzone 2’s multiplayer and it looked amazing but I never got hooked on it, I thought the gameplay was boring. What makes a games multiplayer memorable is fun and addicting gameplay its what got me hooked on COD and it was the gameplay that made COD so popular, it’s was the same with Halo’s multiplayer everybody loved it!

IcemanHH212893d ago

in sales no it wont beat COD, but imo in gameplay and graphics it will, depends , some people wont like KZ3 just like they ddnt like KZ2 , but i mean how can you hate it when you see the gameplay videos on the site, its just insane! with insane graphics !
at the end You can have both right ?




gameraxis2893d ago

about the whole sales part...

Obviously its not going to sell as much, i wouldn't be suprised if it out sells black ops on the ps3 though. With every CoD game released the ps3 user base has gotten bigger and bigger. Maybe that crowd will get exposed to K3 and like what they see. I see at least 700,000 people playing at night each time i sign on, So it obviously sold AT LEAST a mill or two on the ps3. All Sony needs now is to address that crowd and say hey, heres a sony first party title, bla bla, and market the hell out of it.

For those saying black ops is absolute crap on the ps3 I'm confused... i have the same problems my buddy does on his 360, (dropping a party bigger than 5 sometimes. But I'd have to say its your NAT type or connection, and if either is unable for you to fix i.e. setting your DMZ or QOS well, try plugging ur ps3 strait into u 12 year old modem and setting your network (under settings) "easy" "automatic" maybe it can get you the 1500 kbs needed to actually play this game with 4 bars... if that doesn't work, sucks, but don't assume your experience is everyone elses'.

sleepy32893d ago

BO has sold about 8 mill WW on the PS3, so i REALLY don't see KZ3 matching that. The best PS3 exclusive has 'only' sold 5, metal gear.

In the category of quality, which is qualitative, not quantitative (i.e. there is no math to it. Its really just your opinion against someone else. Unlike sales which have clear numbers to see), well then i don't know. To me it may be a good game, and to you a bad game. So to say for sure which is better depends on what style of gameplay you like.

TKCMuzzer2893d ago

As far as I can see from experience. COD may have sold 8 million copies but lets be honest, it has a lot more tossers on it than any other game.

gameraxis2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

you both make good points. but if a multiplat has sold 8 mill on the PS3 alone world wide then why can't an exclusive... Metal gear was YEARS ago ps3 user base is much bigger now, but Sony has to do the marketing that activision did in order to show it...i mean i feel k2 had its problems, but if they cleverly say this isn't k2 ITS K3 and show the people who bought the 8 mil of black ops on the ps3, and market it right, out of a what? almost 50 million ps3 user base, u don't think EIGHT mil could be sold if marketed like black ops? IF Sony make its out to be a matter of better quality like u said etc. i don't think that's too far a stretch.. but we'll see.. ps I do get what ur saying sleepy, and i don't know why u2 didn't sell more than 8 mil, but this is a shooter, we all know the kids have BO on their ps3, and k3 COULD be very appealing to them, i always liked sci-fi over realism shooters anyways, just because of the possibilities...

hennessey862893d ago

that would be a shock because black ops is a poor game. Killzone 3 will be awsome.

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Dart892894d ago

Of course it will maybe not in sells but in everything else it will.

jaredhart2894d ago

killzone 3 will be great.

Dart892894d ago

I't won't be great it will be awesome more awesome than when i forgot how to sit down lol.