Game Graphics? Only as Important as We've Been Conditioned to Think.

Game Podunk's Content Manager, DanCurtis writes, "If we were judging a game purely on graphical capabilities then surely the Wii would no longer be able to compete with the 360 and PS3? Therefore I say that graphics are only deemed to be 'important' because we have conditioned ourselves in such a way as to make them important as technology advances, deciding that a game will now be judged not only on it's content, but also on how pretty it looks..."

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SockMaster2894d ago

Well of course! All this hate between the people who support KZ3 and the people who support crysis, if the look amazing then great! If they play well....Even Better!

I bring up KZ3 because usually on this website, there is usually a comparison between each, hence this argument about visuals!

Bottom Line: Gameplay over looks - Personal Opinion...Nothing More.

zootang2894d ago

I'm sorry but would you have been happy with having just played the Wii for the last 5 years?

SockMaster2894d ago

I have a wii and i simply dont like using a remote, but yeah i agree graphics are important...gameplay first surely?

DualConsoleOwner2894d ago

If it wasnt so important, we still be playing Xbox 1, and PS2.

but we are obviously not.

theonlylolking2894d ago

Graphics immerse you into the game while gameplay is how you play it. If uncharted 2 had super mario 64 graphics would that game really be as amazing and immersive? NO! and if the game had bad gameplay you could not get stuff done while having fun.

Graphics and gameplay are just as important.