Five Console Games That Need to Take a Break

The gaming industry goes through quite a few cycles and these cycles help to line the coffers of publishers so that they can continue to be profitable but as the last year is finally proving, sometimes gamers have had enough.
Let us look for example at the music genre and sports genre the hardest hit by the over saturation of software in their respective areas. The music game genre industry was doing very well but was so quickly over-saturated that when developer Activision did try to branch off into games such as DJ Hero they fared poorly.

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zootang2893d ago

With Pokemon I found the more Pokemon became known the less I was interested. 150 at the time was mind blowing to me. Then came more and more that I could never catch and I lost interest.

I would really love a HD open world Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow.

Kran2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Id like Nintendo to release a 3D version of the main games. To go on the Wii.

No, not PokePark shiz or Pokemon Revolution, an actual Pokemon game. That would convince me to rebuy a Wii. They could start off with Kanto, and then through the years, release the other reigons. A new story line, 100's of hours of gameplay. Would just be awesome

darthv722893d ago

Some games get stale after a while. Like sports ones that dont really change other than a new roster and year moniker.

Other games that specifically span a series you generally dont want to end unless you really are tired of them. Like in movies. A good movie can spawn some great sequels so long as from the initial first release, there is enough story to drive multiple releases.

Games can be the same way or they can try and squeeze all of the story into a single game (some movies have done that too). I believe there is sufficient story to keep halo relevant just as there is for uncharted or gears.

Those are games made specifically with story in mind first. COD doesnt really have a story that would span a series. Black ops is based in the 'nam era so it probably has some semblance of a story. But the other COD games were just extensions of the previous with no direct correlation to the prior. Using name only to capitalize on.

Another "series" that uses the name for fame would be final fantasy. I would like to see a new FF game that actually connects to one from years past. Like they used to. It gives reason to buy the new version because you want to play out what happens next to your character from the previous game.

Pokemon...yeah, that needs to chill for a while. Let it build up a cult following again like it first did when it was somewhat underground. Then when N is ready, bring it back with a bang. If they are capable of drumming up old school characters we havent seen in some time (kid icarus) then they are capable of putting some away for later.

mikeslemonade2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

1. Halo
2. Call of Duty
3. Assasins Creed
4. Splinter Cell
5. Forza

These fucking games come out once every two years atleast and with only minor improvements.

King-Leonidas2893d ago


i dont quite agree with AC since its a fairly new IP

NeutralGamer2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )


There was 4 years between Splinter Cell Double Agent and Conviction...

Not enough?

And if you ask me there was huge improvement over Forza 3 from Forza 2... You smell of troll -.-

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Overmind4202893d ago

Yeah, I'd be more than happy if they turned COD into a game that was only released every other year as long as it was made by IW.

newhumanbreed2893d ago

Infinity Ward is dead... Well the original developers are gone, but I'm sure Activision already filled in their seats, so it won't be the same Infinity Ward CoD feeling.

thugbob2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I don't play that casualholic game known as CoD. I would really appreciate EA Sports if they would take a year or two off. I really want a GOOD NFL football game :(

halocursed2893d ago

I'm kinda fed up with the COD series, couldn't say the same thing about Halo :)

jaidek2893d ago

I agree, I mean it is a yearly event at this point. Why not simply call it Call of Duty 2011, hey it works for Madden. :D

Godmars2902893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Hasn't Activision stated that their business model is to find something that works, then run it into the ground?

And I'm being totally serious here. Might even be a direct quote.

Convas2893d ago

People can say what they like about Halo.

I don't think we're going to see anything of a brand new addition to the Halo franchise for another Year or two, at least.

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