Last gasp for original Xbox?

When Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360 in November of 2005, it killed off the original Xbox, a decision that contrasted with Sony's strategy to keep supporting the PlayStation 2 even as it threw most of its marketing muscle behind the new PlayStation 3.

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resistance1003908d ago

Im sure they did, heck they even released a Gamecube version

Megaton3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Yeah. John Madden loves money like that. They'd probably be releasing Madden on a Sega Genesis if they could.

Covenant3908d ago

MS should have kept the Xbox around a little bit longer. While it wouldn't have sold at PS2 rates, one can imagine an Xbox for $99, with many of the best-seller games left in print.

Just producing the first-party MS games, third-party MS-published games, and best-sellers (Madden, MLB, etc) would have offered decent variety at a good stsrting price, not to mention what could be found used.

That would have given people a good system at a decent price, and when they were ready to upgrade, they would be more likely to buy a 360.

Hopefully, they will do better by the 360 when their next system comes out.

darthv723908d ago

I can say that until I got my 360, I was miffed at MS for killing off support but then after I got a 360 I realized they didnt really kill it off so much as they ushered (rushed) in a change of the time. If you think about it, supporting the old only slows progress to support the new. MS knew what their focus was and even if gamers dont agree, there comes a time when you look at that old system and say it wont last forever. Time to change up. Sony should do the same or their sales of ps3 will always fall behind that of their biggest competitor.....themselves!

Skerj3908d ago

All the original Xbox's from my friends and myself have turned into media centers, which quite frankly it's very good at.

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