143 games still online in PS2

According to official SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT statistics, there are still 143 games that you can play ONLINE through your PS2, big milestone for a console that has more than 10 years of existence and a catalog of more than 10,000 games. And thats not all their is still a great number of online users that play PS2 games online.

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knifefight2630d ago

Final Fantasy XI, EverQuest Online Adventures...probably some sports games and a SOCOM in there...damn though, 143? Would have never guessed there were still that many.

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Kurt Russell2630d ago

I never actually played my PS2 online - might be worth a go!

King-Leonidas2629d ago

MGO servers are offline :(

SaiyanFury2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

A couple of the best online PS2 games are the Champions of Norrath games, and they're still going online. Fantastic experiences, both of them. If anyone's interested check em out. They're kind of uncommon to find though.

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KingPin2630d ago

when i read articles like this it makes me wish microsoft would take notes from sony once in a while.

DelbertGrady2630d ago

By dwelling in the past and being in third place?

IRetrouk2630d ago

you are the only one dwelling in the past you troll, its not 06/07 anymore.

TerrorCell2630d ago

What and not let go of the past.

FailOverHero2630d ago

No, it is 2011. . .and they are still in last place and dwelling in the past

jammydude2630d ago

DelbertGrady and Failoverflow (same people btw) seem mad the ps3 has been and is continuing to outsell the redundant 360

IRetrouk2630d ago

ha ha ha, really, um lets take a look at the games shall we? you know the reason you buy consoles in the first place, what console has the better line up?

TerrorCell2630d ago Show
KingPin2630d ago

lmao- you guys got jokes. you claim im dwelling in the past but when the ps3 gets hacked/cracked YOU are the ones wanting the emulators for REALLY OLD games (snes/n64/neo-geo/ etc). who you think you fooling :P

ps3360games2630d ago

if you like to play games get a ps3
if you like to play sales get a xbox 360

AAACE52630d ago


How do you figure?

Even though the 360 doesn't have the amount of exclusives as Ps3, it still has more games! You've got retail, XBLA and who knows how many Indie games.

More importantly, people play 360 games longer. I can put almost any multiplayer game in that came out within the past few years and there are still tons of people playing them. I put Killzone 2 in and there are about 2 matches and less than 50 people playing anywhere! Kinda strange for a game with such greatness packed into it. Yet there are more Ps3 fanboys on here playing the sales numbers.

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ChristianGamer2630d ago

Ah! So that's where all the killzone 2 players went, back to ps2 online

awesomeperson2630d ago

Do you have to troll every article with unrelated wishes?

TheTruth892630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

PS2 Online Services are still better then XBL. ;D

That's why you are here trolling N4G news.

Ryudo2630d ago

I find it quite hypocritical that your all pointing out the 360 trolls. Even though there only responding to what it quite clearly a troll comment that you all agreed with, bias much?

I mean I could say the PC has 10 million games online why the PS3 has 1500, would that not be a pointless troll comment that serves no purpose?

And yes a did just pull them numbers out my ass before anyone tries to correct me...

FailOverHero2630d ago

Ps2 online services...I stopped reading right there and spit my cereal at the computer screen laughing. You sir need to consider a career in comedy

King-Leonidas2629d ago

ummm Killzone 2 has a lot of players dumbass...

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Kewl_Kat2630d ago

@DelbertGrady "Dwelling in the past"? I guess Live gave up on so many old xbox games that you HAD to keep thinking of the future 'cause your past is mediocre. Where's all the negative criticism of free online? I guess free online is still alive while Microsoft's paid version gave up on supporting older games. With a great 2011 lineup and healthy support for older games? Simple fact is, Sony delivers and Microsoft whimpers.

ceballos77mx2629d ago

Well the future for them is looking very casual.

PirateThom2630d ago

What I find fairly hypocritical here is that the same people who say "stop living in the past" are probably the same people who complain about no backwards compatibility on the PS3.

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Newtype2630d ago

People still play Socom 2. It's like a group that plays everyday.

BYE2630d ago

They wait for Socom 4, which is gonna be badass.

A change in the wind2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Socom 2 is easily the most hardcore online game to grace consoles.

@Ceekay: Hopfully Socom 4 can bring back the traditional Socom style, but from what I have seen, it doesn`t really look very good to be honest.

Nicaragua2630d ago

Ive only seen footage from the campaign mode so its hard to judge. Hopefully online it will be back to its PS2 glory days.

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