10 Most Annoying Videogame Cliches

Gamersmint: Today, Gamersmint looks back at such annoying/irritating/retarded gaming cliches which has…at some point of time made most of us go mad.

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Karooo2510d ago

Very nice article, sometimes no swimming annoys me too, I mean wtf.

prongs1232510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Awesome article.

I would add, idiot townsfolks to the list. They are annoying as hell and are present in most RPGs

psb2510d ago

an article which is not about ps3 or xbox 360 exclusives?


gameseveryday2510d ago

"Ever wondered why the main character of a game who eats monsters like Dragons or Elite Soldiers for breakfast, has amazing super human abilities to boot and can kill a Giant with his bare hands, dies instantly if he falls into a river or heck even a sewer for that matter? So have we."

I literally loled at that. Excellent and a humor filled article. The best read on n4g for sometime!

mushroomwig2510d ago

Same here, I was thinking about this while playing the original Mercenaries the other day.

Those guys will call in airstrikes and destroy entire buildings, grapple onto helicopters and throw the pilot out, hijack tanks while taking fire...but swimming is a big no-no!

n4f2510d ago

its wasnt part of his contract

UnwanteDreamz2510d ago

I am reminded of Cole from Infamous. Dude could climb anything like he was sticky but a chain link fence would stop him everytime.

zootang2510d ago

Or God of War 3, Kratos could fall from Olympus and survive but fall from a little ledge and you are dead.

King-Leonidas2510d ago

@zootang wtf you talking about? right before kratos falls he´s saved by athena

SoSLy2510d ago

reminded me of Halo 3 lol, Master chief saving humanity but died in a puddle. Damn you BUNGIE!!

ElementX2510d ago

What about sexual innuendo and women with large breasts?

UnwanteDreamz2510d ago

Women with large breasts that have water balloon physics.

SuperStrokey11232510d ago

But those are nto annoying...

Neckbear2510d ago

Those are LOVELY, my friend!

Perfect example of why they're awesome:

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The story is too old to be commented.