Homefront Positions for BCS Like Acceptance to the Modern Warfare Shooter Genre

The modern military FPS (First-Person-Shooter) market has many parallels with today’s BCS hierarchal ranking system in college football. There are clearly perennial powerhouses in franchises like Call of Duty and EA’s Battlefield series, but there are also a whole host of mid-majors vying for respect, such as the Operation Flashpoint franchise and Kaos Studios/THQ’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Homefront.

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dukegodtezza2891d ago

frontlines was awesome his guys on drugs

DanSolo2891d ago

hhmmm I was looking forward to seeing how this game turned out as it sounds like it has potential... but if they are another lot going down that pay to play online route then it will alienate a lot of gamers and so pretty much guarantee that the established games get all the sales.

I will still keep an eye on it, but I will not buy it until I have seen if it will still be worth playing online after a couple of months.

xxxAnubisxxx2891d ago

Good points made in this article... Homefront really still looks great to me

lostinplace2891d ago

Homefront is gonna be the shit