Conan goresplosion part 3 - Pantsless barbarian chops savages in half

Can Conan the Barbarian still resonate with today's gamers? The minds over at publisher THQ certainly seem to think so, as they're rolling out the 75-year-old license this October in the simply-named Conan - a barrel-chested, hyper-manly slash 'em-up that completely ignores the silly Schwarzenegger movies and rips its inspiration, bleeding and raw, from the original novels by Robert E. Howard.

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greed3902d ago

is this multiplat because if it is it's just another game i got to put on my list......dammit!!

TnS3901d ago

The game is coming to PS3 and X360.

Chriswsm3901d ago

and its an Adult rated game (18+)

Splendid :o)

kewlkat0073901d ago

This game reminds me of one of my fav games on the Dreamcast:

Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage

Now that was a bloody game...ahh I miss the Dreamcast.

This game will def be on my list, as I do like these types of game, but what is this one doing differently?

I'll keep an eye out..

Lumbo3901d ago



If they don't watch it they score an AO .... and we all know what happens after that

Chriswsm3900d ago

Its already an 18+ in the UK. It can't get any higher than that from a UK censor. It is an Adult only related game as far as we are concerned.

reaferfore203900d ago

I wish HS was this violent, I bet it would sell waaaay more copies. For some reason people like playing ridiculously violent video games. There's just something so satisfying about [cutting/ripping/smashing/shoo ting] someone to pieces in a gloriously violent fashon. As long as that isn't all you're doing (State of Emergency) it makes the game more realistic in my opinion... sometimes. If only they had a sureproof way to keep these kinds of games away from kids we would be blessed with more of them.

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