Playstation Phone caught playing Biohazard 2 emulator

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play aka PlayStation Phone can’t seem to stay away from the camera, today the phone was captured running two games called Biohazard 2 and Rage Racer emulator.

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Titanz2899d ago

It seems like a great device for people who want a phone, with a Dpad and buttons.

FinalSpartan2898d ago

Hopefully the change the button gray slide out , just looks awful. Seems like a good phone. btw PSP can emulate PS1 games already.

SuperLupe2898d ago

Yep same here. The silver/grey slide just looks horrible and cheap. Why dont they just make it black, would look a whole lot cooler.

DORMIN2898d ago

I'm about ready to ditch my iPhone for this thing!

Hopefully it is on par with PSP support with AdHoc and the ability to play the PS1 games on your PS3. Playing FF7, Castlvania SOTN, MGS on your phone would be GODLY.

TheLastGuardian2898d ago

I don't understand why Sony didn't reveal this at CES. It's obviously real and from the looks of this video it looks like some people already have their hands on one.

nycredude2898d ago

Is it me or this thing has dual touch sensitive thumb controls that mimicks the dualshock analog sticks?!

Masterchef20072897d ago

but dont you have to do some crazy downgrading with firmware?

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silvacrest2898d ago

SE are probably saving it for the mobile world conference in febuary

lets just hope its released soon after

silkrevolver2898d ago

Holy bejesus... everyone knows it exists....

xX TriiCKy Xx2898d ago

derangedshaman says Biohazard 2 like he didn't know it was Resident Evil 2.

Ares84PS32898d ago

It looks pretty good but not good enough to make me part from my iPhone 4.

RememberThe3572898d ago

So, does it even play PSP games?

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The story is too old to be commented.