Controlling The Humanoid Robot Nao Using Kinect

The most natural way to interact with a robot is through gestures and voice commands which is the purpose of this hack. Bener Suay is controlling Nao (the incredibly cute) humanoid robot using Kinect. He gives gesture commands and also makes the robot mimic some of his movements. He also says that another purpose of this hack is to make teaching new tasks to robots easier, even for people with no robotics knowledge and the ultimate aim is to make contribution to Learning from Demonstration field.

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Titanz2892d ago

Its really impressive what hackers are doing with the device.

ActionBastard2892d ago

Heaven forbid controlling a game worth a damn.

Ratchet5102892d ago

trying to go up against sony but wont help them, they need nintendo's help if they want to surpass sony in motion and games.

UnRated2892d ago

Is that why Kinect outsold the Move? Try harder next time buddy.


In what country...US because that's all that matters...oh wait those 8 million are shipped to retailers and not to end consumers.

Every time I go to the Gamestop right across the street from my house they have a pile of Kinects and still very few Move controllers.

I guess it all depends on what you are looking at and for what type of consumer.

IRetrouk2892d ago

wow now i want a robot and the program to pull this off, though you could use any decent video cam that track movment.

UnRated2892d ago are so wrong that it is actually pretty damn funny

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